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2 points

I agree, although I have done it, without any proof or anything to back up your comment it is indeed not an argument. By just saying "No it doesn't" it is normally just classified as a view or opinion not an argument.

4 points

I would say the ps3, as it more upgraded than the x box 360. The ps3 also has better hardware and other stuff like that

3 points

Crop circles.. Full stop. It's not like some guy with a mower just runs into fields at night and mows perfect circles..?

Or a kid with a golf club runs into corn fields and hits down the grass?

3 points

I remember the time when Justin Bieber was hit in the head with something that looked like a water bottle. Justin Bieber mistook this for puberty and got in the way of it..

Justin Bieber hasn't hit puberty, sounds like a little girl and is the most gayest looking thing to be around. Therefore I conclude that Justin Bieber is a girl.

2 points

Who are you talking to? Who are you directing this comment at?

Seriously learn to use proper grammar and spelling next time you idiot. And can you please learn to use punctuation properly.

1 point

It is possible.. Some peoples life's revolve around sport and it can have a crucible effect upon their life's.

2 points

You realize, you're saying you're going to rape a boy. That's pretty sick.

2 points

God dammit you're gay.. Seriously Micheal, Im almost sure Im going to spit more water onto you now.

2 points

We could just ignore you...? That would be the easiest course of action..

1 point

We do spit gutter water onto him. It is a fun activity to be a part of.

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