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RSS Lebensraum

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Ha, missed this one. Sooo angry!!!!

Hitler enslaving North Africa? Yuck, that's more Mussolini's table. Lebensraum=Russia you ignoramus...

1 point

Uh, winter attack? Their whole plan hinged on finishing them off BEFORE winter...

1 point

If that meteor impressed you, my guess would be that Mr. Mongele never made it past Middle school. If you did you must be part of a minority, one of the low-scoring ones (like that narrows it down:), where sadly nothing really sticks...

Using the fact that you can tell the difference between seize and cease would be more impressive if you declared it in a language other than English.

Being master of one trade has made me master of all trades. Your lack of a higher education and/or your ability to retain and apply it must cause some confusion at this point.

The key is developing a method that can be applied across all topics, be it blacks limited oxygen requirements in space (remember the link to brain size), or child-like debates on what we all might think of Biden falling down (wow).

But, full disclosure, my goal is not to persuade everyone that The Third Reich would be a good fit for 2021, or that africa is a lost cause. My aim is simply to lure out the gullible ones in here and piss you all off and have fun doing it. You fall well within the ranks of those simple souls and as such has helped me achieve that goal. Thanks.

P.S. Please reply in anger one last time. Come on, you feel the anger and burn of humiliation and know you can't control your impulses any longer. So write me, brother, one last time :-)

1 point

Thank you. A valid argument. I'll take your word for it and not read the linked articles.

But, isn't it also true that white males are responsible for the large majority of all advances made the last couple of thousand years? Technology, Science, Philosophy, Arts etc. etc.

If you remove Whites from the equation wouldn't everything just be delayed by a considerable amount of time? And isn't it exactly the fact that we are pushing the envelope that puts us at risk.

E.g. With the industrial revolution we started something that can't be stopped - it's a race for survival and we need all our best (white) men...

1 point

Right. I am involved in a lot of debates at the same time, and spending less than an optimal amount of time on each reply I tend to prioritize message content above grammar.

I see that you tend to do exactly the opposite. Are you satisfied with avoiding the actual topic, instead dismissing it all by a personal attack? Seems week.

What if the meteor that struck earth and killed all the dinosaurs 65 million years ago instead missed us by a large enough margin. The dinosaurs would live on and mankind's history forever drastically changed. Are you absolutely certain we are better off today (with the meteor hitting) than if the meteor had missed?

1 point

The easiest and most satisfying victories is when the opponent self-destructs.

A little trap here and a little trap there, and KABOOM, the debate is won by the other side's use of profanities or abandonment of the issue in favor of personal attacks.

In some cases both, and as here even topped of with criminal accusations - sweet!

Game over and thank you for making my day.

Too bad for africa though , as the result of all this is an end to all aid


1 point

I am not sure if the reference to "your assertion" is meant for me, or the guy who - in his opinion - didn't think it would have changed much?

No matter who, no assertion was made. I simply asked a question hoping to trigger a fruitful debate: perhaps even resulting in learning and perhaps even slightly changed point-of-views of those participating. That's what a good debate should be all about!

How can so little information (what you know) be used to produce such strong opinions and even false information (what you write).

The possibility of a German victory was substantial a lot longer than you seem to think. There are many situations that could have turned the outcome upside down. Having to bail out Mussolini in the Balkans in combination with a the coldest Russian winter in decades (250 years in the Moscow area) makes for an interesting 'what if'. Knowing how few airplanes Britain had at the time the Germans called of their attack is another.

There are numerous other examples throughout the war, but fewer and fewer after 1942. The V2-program and the fact that NASA had to be hand-held by Von Braun after the war are good examples of events late in the war that could change everything.

America winning the war is cute, it must be hard to admit that the victory belongs to the worst possible alternative...

Before answering again, please think. When speculating whether more jews would be killed had the Germans won the war you should also speculate how a German defeat of Russia in 1941 would have affected Stalin's numbers. Remember Stalin killed 30 million, Hitler somewhere between 4 and 6 million.

Please understand that the question is not about people murdered during the war, it concerns the total picture. History is written by the winners - 5 million is everywhere 30 million is hardly mentioned. Look between the lines, think, then answer.

1 point

Wonderful. Did you ever see a clan of hyenas help their lion neighbors should they be threatened by starvation? Or green frogs donate insects to their blue brothers on their home lake full of green water lilies?

No, it's too bad maybe but we didn't get here be helping the weakest among us, it is not how the world works. We need to keep your eye on the price until we are spread among the stars. Then - if there are more blue frogs or primitive tribes on the brink of extinction - I am all for lending a hand (if it seems right at the time)

1 point

Jody, my emotional, female can-do-debater.

English is probably your second language, but "a given" is a known and established fact. That I will die IS, that you wish me to is NOT. Neither is your swearing...

Please practice your debating here at on others for a while, and then please show me what you have learned. Remember to separate fluff from content, and only use emotions as a tool, not an outlet. Also it might be a good idea to refrain from participating certain dates of the month. Observing others is OK though :)

1 point

My business is the posing of hypotheticals in a debate? I know it's not nice to point out the weaknesses of my inferiors, but it might be the first step on YOUR journey to becoming a better debater. Of course, it might also break you, but if that is the case it would probably happen at your next defeat anyway, so no biggie.

My opinions on the africans are anything but apathetic - my friends and those who have discussed this issue with me would probably say I am quite the extremist (but in a very enlightening and eye-opening way).

People like you (I love that phrase) who block debate by claiming the moral ground are the ones that do the most harm to those less fortunate. You should leave this site in shame, and not come back until you are a better person. Good luck to you (I believe hate should be confronted with love)

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