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RSS Lennonlives

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I want to cast my lot with the FSM, But...Is he short of cash also?

3 points

Wow, i guess you are assuming their was a best reason to invade and Occupy Iraq.

lets look at the reasons given by our government and see if we can pick the best one

REASON 1) They have weapons of mass destruction

REALITY 1) We now know they did not have, They didn't even have the goods to make them.

REASON 2) Saddam is an Evil dictator who gassed his own People.

REALITY 2) Saddam was evil no doubt and he gassed the Kurds, You know when: 1988, I would think invading a country 15 years later will not do much good at that point.

To the Evil Point; Saudi Arabia has an evil government, Kim Jung Ill as evil as they come, just over 100 miles south of Fla we have had evil on our doorstep for over 30 years, Zimbabwe's Mugabe is Evil times 100 ...Yet we are only concerned with Saddam and his evil. If you think we should invade all evil countries then we got alot of invading to do.

REASON 3) Iraq violated over 17 UN resolutions.

REALITY 3) Iraq did violated the resolutions, Israel has violated 30 UN resolutions regarding illegal settlements on Palestinian land...So why have we not invaded Israel?

The thing I love about the Neocons is they despise the UN and never think of the UN as credible, unless its about those resolutions.

REASON 4) Al qaeda was in Iraq

REALITY 4) Al qaeda in Iraq only framed as we invaded. Al Zarqawi was training in Afghanistan in 2001. He led Ansar el Islam fighting in southern Turkey near Kurdish border, Saddam would never allow Al qaeda to have a network if he was in control.

So you ask the best reason to invade and occupy Iraq?

The best reason to have this war is....

Now the American people get to see firsthand the incompetence of these right wing Neocons and their failed polices. Having George Bush as President is like being in the backseat of a car with a drunk driver at the wheel.The best thing about the war is never again will we put the keys to the country into the hands of a special Olympian, I mean no disrespect to special Olympians with that comparison.

2 points

I think the way we have it is nice. Asian, african-american, English, Irish, Lation and Italian all raise their hand to their hearts as ole glory is raised. I love that our country has so much diversity. There are problems associated with understanding, but everything worthwhile can sometimes be challenging.

Poem my Langston Hughes:

I am the darker brother.

They send me to eat in the kitchen

when company comes,

But I laugh,

And eat well,

And grow strong.


I'll be at the table

When company comes.

Nobody'll dare

Say to me,

"Eat in the kitchen,"



They'll see how beautiful I am

And be ashamed--

I, too,am America.

1 point

Well They Are EXTREMELY rto the right but now MSNBC is EXTREMELY to the Left. So they Balance each other. I am a liberal democrat nad I sometimes have trouble watching Keith Olberman even though I mostly agree with him...I just loathe obvious bias.

2 points

God or source or whatever we choose to call it. I don't think you have to walk outside very far before you recognize something bigger than us at play here. What is it? who can know?

But that it is a thing or a God is just mere speculation. I grew up being indoctrinated and have tried extremely hard to look at the the entirety of Religions and higher powers. Most peoples understanding of the concept of God is based on geography and indoctrination. But, If there is a god I would bet he doesn't write books.

In the words of Jack Kerouac, All I have to offer is my own confusion.

6 points

Barack Obama will be our next President. John McCain is a national hero, a centrist and very capable politician. There are two reason why such an attractive candidate is doomed in his bid for the highest office in our country.

Reason #1) George Bush has given his political party the lowest approval rating of any party in the last 50 years. The war in Iraq, staggering energy cost, the lack of response to hurricane Katrina are just a few of his uglier moments that have taken gotten him here.

Reason #2) Barack Obama: This is no longer a campaign but a movement. He has not only changed the face of politics as we know it, he has also changed the sound. He is charismatic and in tune with the theme that so many Americans are longing for; Hope.

6 points

America has approximately 2.8% of the worlds oil available beneath some of its oceans, areas near Anwar and wells currently operational. On the other hand, Americas consumes 25% of the consumed oil worldwide annually . The numbers tell us that this just isn't a problem we can drill our way out of.

The elepahant in the room is when will a politician get the courage to tell major oil and the auto industry that we must come up with an alternative energy. He should employ the top 10 minds similarly to a Manhattan Project or NASA first trip to space.

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