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RSS Level_9

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1 point

those numbers are wrong and are not accurately reflected by our TRADE - DEFICIT --- which with China alone has run at about $ 1/2 Trillion annually for at least the last 15 years.

This $500,000,000 is money that could and should be IN OUR hands .

This is reflected by the fact that most day to day consumer goods are MADE IN CHINA .... still.

China has only recently hit an average hourly wage for manufacturers of about $3.25 / hour. While other Asian countries are coming on at about .50 cents / hour.

The result is Americans loosing good jobs paying between $10 to $30 / hour to wage slaves.

This results in less spending power by Americans and lower sales for business because Americans have less money to spend

1 point

Very wrong. How does every business in America and the world make money ???

Answer : By PEOPLE buying their product or service.

Take away the People's money, and you take away their ability to spend and support a business. Outsourcing good paying jobs and thus lowering the average wage only hurts the people (who are also the consumers) and the businesses they would otherwise be able to support

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other mega wealthy owners / exec's do not do nearly as much to create jobs as do the working class / consumer.

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