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0 points

Which means yeah - your iphone will cost a lot more here, your date night will cost a lot more.

No one believes you live in Denmark because you don't live in Denmark.

0 points

There are no laws in the US limiting rent, so Danish laws would be of no help in this debate. If rent is cheaper on Pluto, that doesn't keep landlords on Earth from charging more.

1 point

That's like saying we should legalise rape because even nice men like it.

No one mentioned idolizing anything. It couldn't possibly be more different than that.

1 point

If you read between the lines you'd know how I'd shuffle.

Explain it to me just to make sure.

1 point

You said you couldn't vote due to past criminal history.

0 points

No matter what he calls himself, he's a capitalist..

Even Communists who plan on controlling a nation via Communism like wealth and the power it yields. Power is why a Communist is a Communist in the first place. With Communism he would wield much more power than his $2.5 million in current worth can afford him.

-1 points

Whatcha gonna do? Snitch on me?

The documentation needed will.

-1 points

You claimed to have moved to the desert and are now a Cardinals fan. That means you live in Arizona. You can't vote in a state you have no residence in.

-1 points

I'm gonna vote for the capitalist Bernie Sanders..

In prior debates you said you were ineligable to vote due to a criminal record.

What? You don't think he's a capitalist??

I think he's practicing Capitalism inside of a Capitalist system. I also think he's been praising murderous dictators for decades.

Bernie praising mass murdering, failed regimes.-

Dude! He MAKES his living selling books in the free market.. He OWNS waterfront property.. And, he FLIES around the country on private jets..

That would simply make him a liar and a hypocrite concerning climate and wealth. Possibly even a full blown political fraud who is somewhat telling the truth and will fiscally destroy the country or a full blown fraud who has no intention of delivering on the promises he has claimed.

Looks like a capitalist to me..

Looks like a guy who can swap political positions as needed just like most politicians.

Bernie sounding like Trump before Trump-

And if you want a Capitalist, Bloomberg and Trump would surely be your choice.

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