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2 points

I like the Xyience energy drinks. They seem to give me more of a boost than the other ones, and here they are cheaper than most others. Plus being sugar free is good.

2 points

I agree, G&R;is a billion times better than Aerosmith. But for some reason I have a deep set hatred for Aerosmith. The only good thing that came out of Steven Tyler is Liv.

1 point

Threeve, or maybe on a good day, $Texas.

6 points

Personally, I don't use social networking sites all that much. But generally I think that facebook has a better layout and looks much nicer. Myspace has become too cluttered and full of spammers and shitty bands. I would appreciate a simple social networking site, but there's no money in that.

2 points

They are very evangelical, but it's their show. I just happen to agree with Penn on practically every point. He's my hero.

3 points

A lot of the topics covered by Penn and Teller on their show would make good debates on here. Most of them probably are. Watching that show is a good precursor to coming on this site and debating the topics.

4 points

Why are so many people opposed to feeding children? If a child is hungry, it needs to be fed. There should not be limitations on when and where breast-feeding should take place.

2 points

The fact that their music is at the same time artistic, intelligent, crude, melodic, dark, funny, and extremely well made makes them the best band ever. Also the fact that when I listen to their music, I feel good makes them the best band ever. They don't give in to trends, they consistently make music that doesn't deviate from their core style, but doesn't sound exactly like the album before it. In a time where 90% of music sounds the same, Tool maintains their unique sound while building on their style and producing music and lyrics that inspire and promote thought.

1 point

Who has the right to say who we are allowed to love and in what manner? The government should not be interfering with the personal lives of citizens. Same sex couples are no different than "conventional" couples. They should be allowed to marry as any other citizen.

I'm not saying incest couples should be allowed to marry, just that they should not be told that they cannot love someone. Too much government will limit our personal freedoms.

1 point

Just like any other organism, out reason to live is to procreate. That's it.

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Winning Position: What do you think of Penn and Teller: Bullsh*t! ?
Winning Position: Without a doubt
Winning Position: Most Definitely

About Me

"I'm in the USAF."

Biographical Information
Name: Robert 
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Postal Code: 09824
Religion: Atheist
Education: In College

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