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RSS LiberalApple

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10 most recent arguments.

So tell me where they went.

I would like to feed you my man's lizard up your anus so zi can see a lizard eat your butthole.

If Trump were no different and was a black Democrat, you wouldn't say a damn negative thing about him, and we both know it.

In the America I live in

In the America you live in we bombed the dogshit out of the Middle East from 2008 to 2016 causing massive casualties, starvation, homelessness, sex slavery, and genocides by ISIS.

0 points

Nice pictures.. Do you have any pictures of the 1,000's of children Trump RIPPED from their mothers arms and put in jail???

We have lots of pictures of that from before Trump was even President. Doesn't it make you feel sick that you ignored family seperations for 8 whole years?

What happens if the partial shutdown NEVER gets started up again?

We start a society that is based off of Communism in its true form.

You are Mansplaining. How predictable. Another misogynist.

2 points

It would keep a lot of people out. A few would find ways around it, but it would take help or resources.

0 points

Trying to throw another falsity out there I see. Your claim was debunked long ago. In many parts of government a majority can do nothing without a lot of people from the other party joining in on the vote. Trump cannot get his wall money without the Democrats. A majority is useless. The other party must agree to the terms.

The liberal media couldn't possibly be kept up with by any other country. They are at the maximum, so at best, Russia is a distant second on belching disinformation.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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