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RSS LickedBoots

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

First off, Late Nite is a TV show..

A left wing show

It's NOT a party. It's actually ONE GUY

That Democrats watch and agree with religiously due to their attacking the right wing every single night.

Secondly, if the host attacks Nicki for not wearing a face mask, is it because she's black or stupid?

It's because she has an opinion and is black. Those people aren't allowed with the party of the Klan.

You think it's because she's black, because people, like yourself, who don't wanna wear masks don't think they're stupid..

Wearing a mask to not die from a virus with a .01% mortality rate while not wearing a mask for 70 years despite the flu having a .005% mortality rate does make you an idiot yes.

But, stupid is as stupid does, EVEN if they're black

The guy that you argue with nonstop on here, calling him a racist, says the same thing and you take the opposite position every time because you have no principles, are dishonest, and that's why your son looks at you like a dumbass and rebelled to the right where you're allowed to think for yourself and realize non mask wearers demanding you wear a mask are people who are to be ignored. The reason he rebelled against your political position is threefold. First, he's smarter than you. Second, he's a better person than you. Third, he saw you were a racist, a bigot and a gullible lemming, and said fuck that.

3 points

Why is Trump protecting statues of traitors

Obama must have really protected those same statues, seeing not a single one came down during his reign.

and NOT OUR troops in Afghanistan?

He's tried bringing troops back. The left and the media go insane every time. I've decided the left loves death and talking points more than actual human beings.

1 point

'Believe all women'? Now that Reade has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, never mind.

Democrats who backed Christine Blasey Ford’s story about Kavanaugh now suddenly shift because their preferred presidential candidate is threatened.

1 point

Look.. It's common knowledge that right wingers elected a president who thinks assaulting women by GRABBING their pussy is cool.

He said they'll let you grab em, which implies consent. You lied on this point.

Biden's accuser says he grabbed hers without consent.

0 points

Go ahead and freak out, I like it. I never said anything about Japanese Jesus or any of the other non-sense you're spouting but reel away just the same, it's all entertaining.

It doesn't look like he freaked out. It looks like he squashed your claim that a Jesus who matches your race is racist.

Click on the link to see what Jesus most likely looked like, assuming he ever existed to begin with.

Seeing the Roman Empire was multicultural, there's no way to assume what he looked like. Why would you assume whether he existed or not when you don't assume concerning anyone else in ancient history?

I never saw that face on the wall at grandma's house.

So your grandma was a white supremacist?

2 points

Hello fake Jew.

What does your "scientific" (sic) ancestry test say about race being a social construct

You need to check your Aryan privilege.

1 point

The police unions control it all, and they're pretty right wing.

Then why do the articles always imply that mayors order police stand downs?

"In one call, a dispatcher tells the caller, “we were told by our mayor to stand down.”

"The statement says the incident does not sound like a situation where officers would have used tear gas even before Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther’s call Tuesday for police to reign in the use of pepper spray and tear gas to disperse crowds."

Minneapolis Mayor Defends Stand-Down Order As Rioters Burn Police Precinct precinct/

0 points

Care to post a link to the article on the W.H.O. website?

Coronavirus spread by asymptomatic people 'appears to be rare,' WHO official says

By Jacqueline Howard, CNN

Updated 6:55 PM EDT, Tue June 09, 2020

I don't need my news spoon fed to me by some moron on youtube with an ax to grind.

Describe where this liberal youtuber who supports gay marriage and putting a statue of Satan on government property, demonstrated that "he had an axe to grind".

2 points

Name something you have done that no black person has ever done better.

Not desecrated a monument of U.S. Grant or Abraham Lincoln.

1 point

White uneducated men LOVE Trump.

Which means men not stupid enough to go to a racist liberal indoctrination college to be loaded down with large sums of student debt, to be followed up with making more money than these "educated" men who are confused by the words "personal responsibility" as if they were 6 years old and never grew up.

White educated men HATE him.

Which means men who got into loads of student debt unwisely, then made less money once they were let free from their Communist indoctrination camp. And then they claimed the very system they control is racist, but due to some outside force that doesn't monopolize the media, the colleges, Hollywood, or the big cities because any racism issues in cities they control couldn't possibly be their fault.

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