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RSS LickedBoots

Reward Points:31
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1 point

Whoah, you are right. I can smell his breath through the screen.

2 points

It's hysterical to hear a Muslim, who's religion pokes two holes in a blanket to cover women up with so that men are not "tempted to rape" talk about being obsessed with female bodies.

1 point

Sounds like the same thing over and over with some random bullshit thrown in from time to time.

1 point

That's weird. I had thought Warren was a young boy. My mistake.

0 points

Not only do you turn the facts upside down, but you then link open fake news websites

One of my favorite things you always do is if you don't like the story, you trash the site, even if the same story can be found on other media with 5 seconds of research. And then when you are presented other media you retreat to video games or the abyss, who knows.

0 points

Leftists are the precise opposite of fascists.

They are the same as fascists. Fascism gives the state power and not the individual. Fascism uses gun control to weaken the people to bow before the state. Fascism creates rules for what can and cannot be said. It's exactly leftism.

2 points

When you say fascist or Nazi it's because you have nothing thoughtful or intelligent to say.

1 point

God is a fucking, child abuser

Example needed.

1 point

Can you give an example of a race based compliment that is not racist?

I love having sex with Asian women because they look good to me.

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Tied Positions: Words hurt vs. It singals out Russians
Winning Position: Buy in bulk
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Makes sense

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