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RSS LilChernobyl

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Taxing the higher brackets will dissuade rich individuals from reinvesting into the economy and into their own businesses.

1 point

Overall I support this proposal.

It lists methods to extract resources for the policies that need to be imlemented to reduce poverty: "increase in income tax for higher earners"; "decrease in defence spending where possible".

As well as listing effective policies to reduce poverty: "an increase in education spending", "basic universal income".

1 point

Tax cut's and benifits have to be provided by someone. In rich countries it is achieved by taxing middle and high class individuas businesses.

A government of a poor country has no such luxury.

I don't agree that subsidies, tax cuts and benefits is the best set of action to reduce poverty as it is not possible in countries where poverty is the largest.

LilChernobyl(9) Clarified
1 point

Would you then say that the best way to reduce poverty is to transition to a different economic system?

Winning Position: Your Best Plan to Reduce Poverty

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