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RSS Lindsayrae

Reward Points:62
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1 point

i absolutely loved it. fantastically done------------------

Lindsayrae(62) Clarified
1 point

I don't think you read the extra bit of information I gave underneath... I was talking about when these things lead to eating disorders, and how treatment is unaffordable to those who need it, and whether the government should help with these fundings.

1 point

Hahaha, Oh get real Salmani... you can't seriously be telling me that unless I am of that religion I know nothing about it? How can you even make such a claim when you don't know for sure whether what you believe in is true or not either? All you have to rely on is your faith... and don't tell me otherwise, unless you can show me the facts and proof that everything you believe in is TRUE and FACTUAL (which by the way, you cannot), than who are you to say I know nothing about either religion?

0 points

.....................................Conquer the world? haha, come on now...

1 point

I definitely beg to differ. It doesn't "spoil" they're psyche, rather, it expands it. It opens their minds to a different way of life than other kids get; and come on, if they have two parents who love them, what differance does it make what sex they are? People need to begin to understand that everyone deserves equal rights, and these kids who have gay parents will grow up defending that right and making a differance in the world, where as a kid with heterosexual parents who may happen to be homophobic, will not grow up this way, and may even get it doctrinated in their minds that homosexuality is wrong... so really, what's worse? The kids who help our world evolve by sharing their experiences and common knowlodge having lived with gay parents, and grew up to succesful, or kids who grow up passing on the message that homosexuality is wrong? Homophobia needs to be a thing of the past.

1 point

Are you for real? In what way would their life not be fair? They've still got two parents who love them, just like any other couple out there, gays should have all equal rights as a straight couple does. there is NO differance, except the same sex. And there is absolutely no possible way that simply being RAISED by two gay people will make someone turn gay... you can "turn" gay. its biologically programmed into you.

1 point

Why the hell shouldn't they? My friend was raised by two gay guys, and he's the straighest man I know! It's not something that "rubs off on you", for gods sake people. Infact, he had the coolest parents I know! Every single person in this world deserves the same equal rights as the next, no exceptions. We all need to except that.

1 point

Well, I lived in Alberta, and the drinking age IS 18, and the province isn't up in flames... infact, all of Canada, incase you weren't aware, is either 18, or 19. If you are allowed to vote, allowed to purchase a gun, allowed to not be under gaurdianship, and gamble, and purchase porn... then yes, you should be allowed to drink, I think it's ridiculous to have the drinking age at 21!

1 point

Please, do tell what marriage is to you then? Aparently you know better than a couple who has made the decision to get married and have it not work out?

And okay, let me get this straight... You're telling me that I was not raised well because my parents didn't "stop" me from having pre marital sex while under gaurdianship? My parents gave me all the necessary information I needed to know what I was getting myself into and made sure I was well protected. If my parents told me I wasn't "allowed" to have pre marital sex, I would have done it anyways, but I would have been less informed, and probably less protected. It's BECAUSE my parents allowed it, that I was safe. They couldn't have stopped me. And i'm no exception, most kids are having pre marital sex! And what i'm getting at is, the best we can do for them, is inform them, and make sure they're protected... kids are natural rebellions! Tell them no, and they will do it. Pre marital sex is a thing of the past, people need to except that so that more of our young generation can be informed!

4 points

Why try to get young kids interested in religion? Let them decide on their own on their own beliefs in time, don't doctrinate a particular religion on someone of young age, they are easily impressionable and it's an unfair way of pushing your own beliefs on them. They'll decide what they want to believe in in due time.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Lindsay Rae
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Canada
Religion: Atheist

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