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RSS LindseyKinns

Reward Points:16
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No the human race is so extremly corrupt right now its ridiculous.

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2 points

I said a god or gods. So the greeks still had religion of some sort. Actually I know quite a lot about Psychology. For example there is a frontal lobe that functions as sush but there is also a lobe of the human brain that holds in that inate ability for survival that sifts through all the information given and something that poses a threat that makes an individual angry it swells to a larger size than the frontal lobe and reacts quicker than such, so the moral lobe is not always succesful and without influence of religion or regards to a more importnat figure than human begins the morals would be eradicted and would just rely on that not always succesful moral lobe, so in reality without religion corruption would erupts to an even more higher level than it is now. So therefore lack of religion would not not make the world a better place.

2 points

Ah quite sorry misinformed information wrong point made. It still has no relativity to what this discussion is about. We can not do absolutely anythign about it now. What are they going to do stick a piece of plexi glass up there? Drop it already everyone knows about it by by now.

2 points

Yes I believe we are prefectly capable of that now after the influence of religion even not directly just hearing about it,but to at first put the message into our mind is religion or influence of religiouts people. If you are a child you do not learn what is right and wrong until someone tells you if your parents never had religion or no other individual ever had religion the base of morals would be completely erased. And honestly without religion people would let there instincts take over to not bleieve in a god or gods would make us nothing but animals.Religion is needed for basic regulations for an individual. My opinion is we need religion in th eworld now more than ever.

Okay for one this has absolutely no relativity to our disscussion, and two I am tired of hearing about this global warming comments. Yes there is a whole in the oxone layer we can not do absolutely anything about it now so stop mentioning it and start doing something to prevent another whole to become created, and plus you are probably a hypocrite yourself and have done absolutely nothing at all to help the problem with Global Warming you are just another one of those media hyped, uninformed, hypocritical person who just jumped on the bandwagon on the latest issue and in reality you are doing nothing to prevent it either. Practice what you preach. You ignorant hypocrite

No absolutely not. Religion is the base of individual morals. Without morals the world would be more corrupt than it is now, which isnt that drastic of a change to be honest, but that is a differnt debate. Religion debatable or not is needed to keep morals intanct and differnt individuals raised correctly. Severely debatable or not Religion is needed in the world and it would change nothing for the better.

8 points

Of course I believe in the Lord. How else could we have possibly been created. I also believe that yes animals have evolved but they were put on the earth by God. Such as humans were.

This is pure media hype. Without a doubt. Comments that is all they have as proof is just comments. Actions speak louder than words and the action of killing hundreds of people and destroying hundreds of families is not an action that the goverment could do only colod blooded murderes could accomplish such a tast. So the only type of human who could go thorugh with something so brutal would be somone who knew they would die after. Such as the Al-Qaeda.

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