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RSS LizardKahn

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

He's the father of the WHITE Colorado shooter who doesn't give a shit that his son murdered 5 people and injured 26, as long as he's not gay..

It's amazing how your world works. There are 80 million normal conservatives, so the left ignored them and dug and dug until it finally found a guy who's clearly mentally handicapped to say a bunch of crazy shit since their 500 other attempts to blame right wingers for violence and hate crimes blew up in their face when they turned out to be leftists.

1 point

Sure. If I found out you liked me, I'd kill myself..

You were given the chance to go after Holocaust deniers, and you didn't. Why don't you just say out loud what the rest of us know already? You don't give two shits about child rapists, racists, antisemites, homophobes, fascists, terrorists, insurrectionists, billionaires, white supremacists or anyone else just so long as they vote for the Democrats.

2 points

Nahhh... That just ain't how the White House works..

Then Obama was lying.

Nobody just shows up. That would be NOBODY. Any visitor who will be in close proximity to the president has been vetted, and vetted again by the Secret Service..

Really? Have you looked at the list of Whitehouse guests during Obama's Presidency? They must have vetted for fun and let them in anyway. How did Bill Ayers get in there seeing his group The Weather Underground conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings including police stations, the United States Capitol, and the Pentagon.during the 1960s and 1970s?

Are you really gonna pretend like the US government has some unheard of level of security that is unbreachable? The capitol was taken by unarmed elderly people according to you.

1 point

I'll go with door number three: Refugee

I'm familiar with the word. Let me use it in a couple of sentences for you.

The Biden administration told Cuban refugees to stay in Cuba and not come to America. Even though they were brown and in desperate need of refuge, Excon didn't care because they didn't help his team win any elections.

0 points

It's a matter of math, really.. I'm ONE Jew, and there are MILLIONS of antisemites out there. Can't comment on 'em all.

You can't comment on them if they have a D next to their name, and you can if they have an R next to their name. That about sum it up?

1 point

Dude! That's a LOT of shoving

Mandatory vaccinations is a lot of needle shoving and shoving money into Pfizer's pickets. Remember when you decided that nobody had their own body or own choice and should be forced injected with what later caused some people medical problems and death?

Now, why don't you go ahead and answer the question of the debate. If Wokeness can be shoved down peoples' throats, why can't all things anti woke be shoved down peoples' throats? Is that a tough question for you, or would answering it force you to take a good, long look in the mirror at something you'd hate to gaze upon like your own reflection?

1 point

Dude! In my world, Christians ARE shoving their religion down our throats..

Most Democrats are Christians, and Hollywood, the media and academia have made sure to never accidently expose you to Christianity even for a minute. Hell, Facebook censors Bible verses. Describe for me where exactly you are having Christianity beamed at you constantly on anywhere near the level that the system is pumping Wokeness at each and every one of us.

They took abortion rights away..

First off, abortion isn't a Christian position. It's a political position. Left wing Christians are pro choice. Secondly, abortion rights still fully exist. Are you going to pretend I'm wrong, or do you want to waste both of our time and have me dig you up the actual Supreme Court decision and abortion laws in blue and purple states? I'm gonna assume not, so now describe to me how allowing blue states to do as they please on abortion is right wing beliefs being shoved down your throat.

They're gonna take contraceptives away..

Nobody cares about contraceptives. Plus you're full of shit and sound like a tin foil hat wearing moron.

They're gonna take gay marriage away..

In all of these years, and they've never once tried. Did you just make it up, or did CNN make it up for you, and you vomited out the lie involuntarily just now?

They're gonna take interracial marriage away..

They've never tried to, and in fact we support it. Another lie, but you do lie a lot. Candace Owens is in an interracial marriage. Only the left has a problem with it. The left created a "Day without white people". The best way to rid yourselves of white people would be to keep blacks from marrying them. Maybe you're just emoting your own racist dreams onto us.

1 point

Wokeness funnels people towards beliefs and categories of people known for ultra high levels of depression and suicide. It needs to die a quick death. It itself is the problem.

1 point

I actually don't think the original Brontoraptor is even on the site anymore. Nom is chasing ghosts.

1 point

Nevermind. I thought I was going to learn something and possibly see something that would concern me, and then the leftist reporter says "it seems like it could be a QAnon song", and then I listen, and it's just some regular song. And then she says the crowd acts like they're at a church service and as if Trump is a messianic figure. And then I watch it, and it doesn't look like a church service but like any normal political rally. Thanks for wasting my time.

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