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RSS LizardKahn

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10 most recent arguments.
4 points

We'll give you the entire west coast. It's all you'll need seeing you guys love living on top of each other and have no regard for sanitation, violence or crime. As for not pissing the other guy off, the left is never satisfied, grateful or not pissed off so fuck em.

1 point

This debate will NOT reveal whether curiosity came before intelligence or vise versa.. So, I'm just gonna bow out.

You do bow out of debates that you can't win with left wing logic a lot, which is most of them. You having retreated as if it's some kind of retreat religion has further strengthened the right's positions because you go dumfounded for a response 90% of the time. If a smart man couldn't rebut 90% of his opponents' positions, he'd rethink his positions instead of being a complete dumbass until the day he dies.

2 points

Biden goes to Ukraine to forward world peace.. Right wingers nowhere to be found.

Biden is in Ukraine to do business and do a little pay for play according to his boy's emails and also according to video of Biden discussing his relationship with Ukraine.

Secondly, I love how you think ignoring your own people to do a little pay for play in a foreign nation while your own people suffer is a good thing. Jesus fucking Christ dude. You are one ignorant piece of shit. Your son's lucky your stupid ass even ever fed him with a fucked up mind like yours. Your wife probably fed him. That's the only reason he survived._

1 point

Biden lies nonstop like a psychopath. You didnt ever make a debate about it. Care to tell us why?

1 point

The laptop was gathering dust in a repair shop. When the owner of the shop realized it was Biden's, he called Rudy Giuliani, and Giuliani turned it over to the FBI. Now, maybe nothing untoward happened to the laptop before the FBI got it, or maybe something DID

You do understand that they can 100% prove these are his emails and that he sent and received them? There are provably authentic communications that can be verified through cryptographic signatures. These signatures are a way for the company that handles the email to provide proof that the message came from a verified account and has not been altered in some way. Alterations made to an email after it has been sent cause the cryptographic signatures to become unverifiable. These were verifiable.

The chain of custody is the most critical process of evidence documentation. It assures the authenticity of the evidence, and that it was, at all times in the custody of a person, who is designated to handle it. That wasn't the situation with the laptop.. We don't know who fiddled with it, if anybody..

Even left wing media makes none of these claims because none of it makes sense or shows that you have any idea how electronics actually work. That's why they have come out and said it's authentic. You can prove whether it's been tampered with. You can prove exactly where it came from. You can prove it all came from or was received by Hunter Biden's email. You can prove the email belongs to him.

1 point

I have NO idea what any of the emails on Hunter's laptop says. I haven't read them.

No surprise here.

But, given that the Russians or the Chinese MIGHT have tinkered with it, I wouldn't believe anything I read anyway... You shouldn't either..

Yet you carried on for years about a Russian dossier that was proven to be fake.

2 points

Does white privilege exist, and if so how does it manifest itself?

There are no white scholarships, no free white healthcare, or affirmative action in industries dominated by minorities, so you tell us.

2 points

See how much more relevant it is to look at individuals?

We've tried, but the left keeps injecting race into every single conversation.

2 points

If Tyre was white, do you think the cops would have murdered him?

No because the liberal controlled police forces clearly target blacks.

1 point

Ain't no quit in me either.. Never again!

Democrats targeted Jews during Covid. You didn't say shit, you didn't do shit. You looked for a right winger to blame when Cuomo targeted the Jewish community like it was Nazi Germany. Let us just face facts. We all know you have a Swastika blanket that you cover up with at night with your SS pillow case set and matching Cuomo hates Jews coasters. Yeah don't even pretend that your fuhrer god wasn't attacking Jews while you sucked his cock like it was a Nazi hotdog eating contest you little Jew hating, bacon slurping, cock riding hippo fucking snatch. towards-jews/

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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