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1 point

But, if YOU have something you wish me to consider, post away....

I wish for you to consider the short video showing what the left has become. I assume you won't watch it because seeing it would disturb your comfortability with the Democratic Party, and that is a scary thought for someone who's belief in the Democratic Party is what has given them purpose and meaning through all of these years.

1 point

I'm not interested in seeing that..

Of course you aren't. It depicts a modern left that in no way resembles the Democratic Party that you depict. If you watched it, you'd have to face the fact that the modern left doesn't resemble the Democratic Party that you describe in your arguments.

1 point

If you're interested in my views, just ask me..

What are your views on this short video?

1 point

I don't agree with ANYTHING the video says..

That would mean you have denounced the left.

1 point

Am I like you?? Sure.. Obama wasn't my cup of tea, but he WASN'T McCain

1)While the left now worships the establishment war mongerer known as John McCain.

2)You just admitted Obama was trash. So why would I vote Democrat again?

1 point

Gore, the inventor of the internet, WASN'T my choice either, but, he was a hell of a lot better than the war mongering, torturing, president Bush.

1)The left now worships Bush.

2)Explain to me the difference between Bush and Biden.

3)If you hate war mongering, you would have voted for Trump. Instead you voted for Bush's twin brother Joe Biden, the atypical establishment war mongerer set to make lobbyists for weapons manufacturers happy.

1 point

He was elected because he's NOT Trump, and he stays because he's NOT Kamala Harris.

1)Pretty sure Biden will insure Trump's re-election. All you accomplished with this was having to deal with Trump for 12 years rather than 8. Chew on that for a bit.

2)You just admitted that Harris is a nuclear dumpster fire. Why would we vote Democrat again?

1 point

The proof you seek has been disgorged in the last 5 public hearings

I've watched the hearings. Lots of hearsay, no evidence of anything, and it has actually discredited the left fully as if there were any doubt before.

1 point

Interestingly, I felt exactly the same way about Trump..

Clearly a lie. You may have felt some kind of way, but it wasn't the way we feel about Joe Biden. Trump went off prompter most of the time. Biden can't speak without one. Trump got us to $1.50 gas. Biden got us to $7.00 gas. Trump's DOW continued to climb while people made a killing. Biden's DOW found a way to go backwards causing people planning on retiring to not retire.

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