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2 points

Not sure exactly what your point is. Leftists shot leftists in a left wing CHOP in a city that is 99.99% Left. You don't count black leftists being killed by leftists as leftists killing leftists? The story you posted says the CHOP has become so violent and deadly that the people are getting concerned about its existence.

1 point

You're such a laughable fucking hypocrite to talk about censorship. Tell us the last time Fox News interviewed Iranian leaders to get their side of the story. How about the last time they interviewed Palestinian leaders?

Um. Never.

Fox News is just a part of the mainstream media complex designed to protect the 1%. They go to the same parties and run in the same elitist circles as those at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC. It's a front to make it appear to the low information citizenry that there are two political choices rather than a uni-party establishment.

Now that you have attempted whataboutism, address the question if able.

1 point

Can the world's richest people help lower the cost of Covid Vaccines?

Yes, but the politically left leaning people in positions of authority keep protecting them while they destroy their smaller competitors. It will not happen. They'll jack the prices up.

1 point

Why don't you ask the platforms which banned him you stupid bastard?

I looked on Google. They don't say.

How would I know anything about a private decision made by Twitter executives?

You wouldn't, which makes your stance even that more absurd.

You're such a sneering idiot, Bronto. You really are a total waste of good carbon.

No clue what that term means.

1 point

No-one gets killed at the anti-fascist violence

Multiple people were shot, and some killed, at the CHOP in Seattle, Washington. It was a left wing event in a left wing city.

1 point

I absolutely do support censoring terrorists

Which specific terroristic post or statement is the censorship in response to?

3 points

It looks like you support censorship, which is a crystal clear sign that you feel inadequate when it comes to challenging your political opposition's political positions before the people.

0 points

Democrats aren't outraged at what allegedly happened at the capitol. They are scared their power might be checked.

1 point

Twitter FIRED him

Looks like big tech has more power than the government.

1 point

A week ago you argued that Catholics aren't Christians. Guess what? Catholics believe in Yeshua too.

So do devil worshippers.

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Tied Positions: A worse redistribution vs. In history

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