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RSS Lockjawx27

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5 points

I believe in free speech. You apparently believe in censorship....this is the internet. People can say what they want. Just because they don't agree with you does not mean you have to be offended.

Your kind of thinking leads to fascism, sorry. Get over it sister

3 points

I find this debate to be misleading. The person who created this debate is attempting to equate two things that are not equal. A more accurate debate topic would be something like The Big Bang vs. Creationism. Allow me to explain:

Creationism states that a supreme agent created not only the earth, but the universe as well.

Evolution, in it's most common usage, is referring to change in inherited traits among a population on earth. Evolution does not apply to the universe itself.

Therefore, as the pope himself agreed, it is well within the realm of possibility that both creationism and evolution are true. Creationism, for me, is more plausible than any other explanation up to this point. As for evolution, I have no issues with what it says.

2 points

Not now. Any fair anaylisis of the current public education system should send red flags everywhere. Some of these kids are better off going to one to these trade schools.

School simply is not for everyone, yet everyone is forced to go to school. Some students have stregnths in other areas and there should be a way to weed those students out and put them in a position to be viable in the job market

A high school diploma means little to nothing without real world experience and training. High school should be the focus for people who plan on advancing into college. Everyone else should be shipped off to a trade school of some sort.

1 point

My best case scenario doesn’t involve things that happen to me after I’m dead. I’m only concerned with what occurs while I’m alive. So, I don’t see how this is true.

Your best case scenario is that you are correct. If you are correct, there is nothingness after death. We simply cease to exist.

That is also what will happen if I'm wrong. Get it?

And if you’re being honest in suggesting that you’re a religious pluralist, which I don’t think you are, then the wager is purposeless, meaningless and ineffective. Not only are you abusing the Wager, but you’re using it as some contrived “gotcha’” tactic for some selfish and asinine purpose.

How exactly am I abusing Pascal's wager. It does not have to apply only to Christianity. I am not only a pluralist, but I subscribe to the theory. I do believe that there can be many different paths to the truth, not just one.

Your just angry because you can't trap me in arguments that you used to destroy your family with. If I'm right I get eternal happiness and you go to hell. If you are right then we are both still in the same boat.

No point to your atheism, its a lose-lose scenario. And you claiming not to be concerned about what happens after you die is BS

1 point

Not if you subscribe to the philosophy of religious pluralism like I do. It doesn't have to be a specific God. There are many paths to the truth, different religions pretty much represent the culture of that region.

So like I said, if I'm wrong, its still equivalent to your BEST case scenario

1 point

Pascals wager

If you are an atheist, there really is no point. You lose either way. If your right, there is nothingness after death. Life has no meaning in the grand scheme of things; you only live for yourself and when thats over thats it. If you are wrong, however, you go to hell. Its a lose-lose

Believing in God will at least give you some better odds. If your right, you go to heaven and all is swell.

If your wrong, well thats still equal to the atheist's BEST case scenario.

1 point

Without God, anything is truly permitted. There is no moral barometer without a transcendent being of higher authority. Whose to say if murder is wrong?

The most common counter-argument I hear is simply that society dictates what is moral or not moral.

This is faulty reasoning because they are forgetting that this country was based off of Judea-Christian principles. Most nations are. A good 85% of the planet is religious one way or another and looks to a higher moral authority for the answer to what is right and what is wrong.

We've seen how societies fare without religion. We've seen what happens when one attempts to create a God-less, purely materialistic society. Look no further than Pol-Pot and Mao Zedong.

We've seen the mountain of skulls that resulted. Its not even worth trying again

1 point

I've never met a funny woman in my entire life.

Sarah Silverman is NOT funny

Kathy Griffen is NOT funny

Margaret Cho is NOT funny

Come to think of it, all of the class clowns and funny people in my school were always guys

Women simply don't need to be funny. They sit back and let men entertain them. Their job is to sit there and look pretty, while collecting free dinners and movie tickets from the funny guys who wanted to impress them with the humor

5 points

This isn't even debatable....look at all the skyscrapers, look at the magnificent architecture in our world today. It took incredible strength and determination, along with smarts to build those.

All of the great scientific discoveries, the cures, vaccines, the moon landing, etc.

There's not any woman who had any hand in any of that

Name 5 successful nation-leading women of today. It can't be done. Checkmate

7 points

From the cradle to the grave, women are catered to and pampered. Women benefit from holidays such as Valentines Day, which exists only to please women. Any woman who denies this is a liar.

In any given relationship, women have the automatic control. They have the advantage right from the moment the man approaches her.

Young boys are taught the art of chivalry. No one can explain why chivalry still exists when women are more than capable of holding their own doors open and paying for themselves. Men are taught that they exist to please and serve women their whole lives

Women get away with the most. Even women would have to agree with me here. They do some of the cruelest, coldest things to others and get off Scott free just because they are cute females. Case in point, the woman that drowned her five children and got off on the basis of insanity. What would happen if a man did that? He'd be awaiting his injection at this very moment.

Women are able to LIE about rape and get away with it. About half of all rape accusations are false, yet there is little to no penalty for this. No one seems to care that to EVEN BE ACCUSED of rape can RUIN someone's life and label them a bad person forever

Women just have it easier. Men have the most pressure to succeed. We have to be the breadwinners. If we make less than our woman, we a failures.

If we don't have a woman at all, we are losers. We aren't "independent men with pride who don't need a woman". No, we are just losers

About Me

"I'm a realistic person with a personality of apprehensiveness. My political views are strongly conservative. I consider myself a conservative libertarian. I am pro-property and pro-free market. Personal liberties are of the utmost importance, as well as the right to privacy. I am for less social regulation. I believe in borders, language, and culture. A small government is a good government. A quiet, effective president is a good president. My attitude toward politicians is to be wary of the popular and trusting of humble honesty."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Education: In College
Websites: Aboriginal Contour
Youtube Channel

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