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1 point

I, personally, could go either way. I see the points on both sides, but I think I lean more towards this side for now. I guess the state does own the roads, though, so maybe they should be able to do so? Again, could go either way. What are your thoughts?

2 points

I read it, that is absolutely hilarious! Nice to have some humor mixed into all of this! (You sound sexy. XD)

1 point

While I'm posting on this side (no other to choose), neither of these is the real problem. In fact, the only person, thing, event that you can blame is right in front of you.... no, look down... a little further... craning your neck now...good. See that person down there? Yeah, that's who to blame. (It's easier to do this experiment in the mirror, less hard on your neck - just look straight ahead into it)

All jokes aside, it's you.... and me.... and everyone else.... mankind.

See, the truth is, we are all such depraved people, that we could literally do NO good without the sovereign hand of God in our lives. Without it, we will do bad, horrible things all the time, endlessly. The thing you're looking to blame is sin nature, and it's in all of us. The reason terrorist terrorize, viruses kill, presidents be presidents, and Russians hack is sin nature. No one is free from it, no one can claim to abstain, everyone is affected and it all started at the beginning of creation. From there on, people kept learning new ways to steal, kill, and destroy and it continues today. That's why we are to blame, everyone of us. We all look God in the face everyday and say, "I don't care that you decided to put me on this earth and die in my place so that I could master sin, instead I will curse your name by doing exactly what you told me not to do... every... time. It is only by the grace of God working through people that we can actually do some good in this world! Beyond that, though, it is all our fault.

So, stop the endless game we humans love to play of finding things to blame and start blaming yourself! Start blaming me! Start blaming everyone you see, because it is all our faults! However, you can't change me, you can't change (fill in the blank). All you can change is yourself. So, start blaming yourself and start changing yourself, and so will I! Our world will be MUCH better off when we start taking responsibility for the mess we put ourselves in.

1 point

You're hilarious! How do jump from this to blaming liberals... (jumps to new debate.) Is this just a marketing scam to get us to visit all your debates?? Lol, just kidding, this was funny!

Good job for you for trying something new! I'd be fine with hunting the deer, but not the cleaning part after. (shudders) Eww... I'm a city guy though....

1 point

So, I'm one of those nut jobs you talked about. What we are trying to do is share our opinions just like the rest of you. You don't have to agree with us, but we have just as much right to talk as you do. We also do the site a favor by not cursing out people as you said. It's the other people (non-christian) who are the ones cursing people out. I, for one, have never said a single curse word. (imagine that, you can actually debate without language!) I also, have been humble enough to admit when I may have been too harsh or unkind and apologize. I have never seen that from ANYONE else on this site. If you want this to be your dedicated place to curse off christian and anyone else you disagree with without hearing our input, you're not going to get it. Christians will remain on this site and they will continue to share what they believe, just as you do. If you don't like that, then I'm pretty sure who needs to leave, and it isn't us.

1 point

I can't believe you're falling into the same mess I just warned the other guy about. Also, my comment was very sincere and I know what Jesus thought of it and he wouldn't be upset with me, I wasn't being so. You are entitled to your opinion I guess. (also, do you really have no better words than having to use someone else's critical remark?)

1 point

The fact that you highlight my kind words toward the person and then demote them only proves to make you look ridiculous, not promote your ideas. If we are going to demote goodness, kindness, and respect in society, then I'm not interested in being a part of it.

And, it's a whole lot more than seventh century. Unluckily for you it is today and will be forever, until it takes over the entire world. (but, not by force, by truth)

Logica-Sana(87) Clarified
-1 points

Thanks so much for your kind questions. I really appreciate when people actually debate properly, respectfully questioning the other's opinion! Thanks! So, to your questions:

1) The first thing to point out is that a lot of the words that we associate with this movement (gay, trans, homosexual, etc.) weren't created until the 19th century and after. So, we won't see specific references to those words, but more to the act itself.

We would expect to see the majority of these references in the beginning of the Bible as that is when God created how the world would work. In Genesis 2:24, God, Himself, says, "For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." We cannot confuse the term "wife." I know some would say he could be referring to a male "wife," but that is preposterous as nowhere in the Bible does anyone but a female be called a wife, and no one but a male called a husband. Also, a really good text is Romans 1:26-27, where Paul speaks about the horridly fallen Romans. I would advise reading the whole chapter for context, but here are the pertinent verses. "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error."

For the question of two genders, In Genesis 5:2, the Bible says, "He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created." This is direct language to the point of only two types of humans, Male and Female, which make up all mankind.

For your question of hermaphrodites, there is only one good explanation. God designed this world perfect, however, the first humans had free will and chose to sin. This is separated us from God and from perfection. Because of this choice the Bible says, "all creation groans", meaning that everything was impacted by this sin. That means even birth defects. This article was written by an obstetrician who does a fantastic job at explaining this. I would advise you read it if you are interested. feedback-hermaphroditism/

Remember, God did not intend for these things to be the case, but humans sinned in their free will and brought this upon them. Do we love these rare cases as we would love all other children? Absolutely! But the defect, NOT the person, is a result of sin.

2) I am a Christian and, as such, all my decisions, thoughts, and beliefs spring from the Bible, what I believe to be the one and only source of absolute Truth. therefore, I DO base these beliefs on these matters off of my "religion." Your view on life totally depends on the lens through which you look at it, your "worldview". The lens through which I view the world is the Bible and my Faith (which is based on the Bible as Truth). Imagine you were looking through a red glass. Everything would appear red, right? But that green tree is not red, it is green. Be careful which lens you use to view the world. You may choose a tainted lens and not see things as they really are. The best way to choose the right lens is to look to what we know to be true and what is proven fairly well. Then, see which explanation fits that evidence best. I think my Faith, the Bible, and God fits this evidence perfectly, and that, along with the grace of God, is why I chose it (and He chose me!). So, in summery, mostly, the only grounds I have for my beliefs is my religion. Other than that, it just takes looking at the human body. we are (mostly, of course) all born with either one organ or another. Our whole bodies as they grow reflect a totally different person than the other gender. We are so different , in fact, that it is impossible to fully "switch over". It doesn't work and it's obvious when a person is "pretending." You can do surgery, change our voice, etc. but will never be able to change who you are. The choice to do so is a conscious decision that often results from wanting to be like the rest of the world. There really is no reason to switch, just be your own, beautiful self! The world will work a lot more properly that way and people will learn to admire themselves for who they are!

Thanks again for your curiosity and considering the other person's opinion! I really appreciate that! I hope I helped you understand better where I'm coming from. God Bless!

1 point

For the record, it actually does. While we simply believe there was an intelligent designer that created the earth, you believe a million things worked out JUST SO perfectly to create life. The odds of that would be so large I couldn't even write it. That takes WAY more Faith in my book. I think it's a little simpler to just believe what the proof supports.

1 point

Absolutely, but don't stop there! Don't admit to having a rift between you and the only way to get you out of this mess (God), and then not say how to get out of it! Yes, we are horrible, depraved people, BUT there is amazing news! God sent His OWN son to die on the cross for our sins! This means we are forever atoned by Him. Not only are we forever justified, but we are perfect in His eyes through the blood of His Son! Now, we can live a life free from the bandage of sin and shame and breath the everlasting grace of God that continues to forgive our daily sins and sanctify us to become more and more like Him! That's the best and most awesome news in the world! I can now live a life with a hope of the future, a future in eternal bliss with our own awesome, sovereign, gracious Father! Thank you Lord! God bless, everyone! Never forget it!

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