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RSS Logica-Sana

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1 point

Because God designed humanity to be either male or female, a characteristic that God chooses for you before the beginning of time, before your very conception. Neither can you change that or call yourself a different gender. You can try to, but the truth is, you're still one or the other. There is nothing in between or otherwise, just male and female.

(and, yes that is outwardly expressed through the... ehem... certain organs at birth)

1 point

Absolutely you can believe that! That is the great thing about the human mind, no other human can control what you think. So, yes, you can believe that if you want, but you might want some proof to back it up! (I'm not, by the way. Just in case you wanted to know)

Oh, and thanks for the nice words...again...

1 point

Please share with me what logic was in that rant. You basically just blew me off with language and told me I was stupid for believing what I do. Where's the proof? You can't prove a Faith wrong, it's all in what one believes.

(And, again, why use mean words anyways? Do you honestly think I will be more attracted to your comments when you berate me and my religion? I'll tell you you will get a whole lot further with kindness)

1 point

Wow, this is one vile comment. I really have no interest debating with someone who can't even keep their head and explodes in rage at the slightest opposition to your point. I would advise finding another debating strategy because this one will get you nowhere with people. If you want to debate this point, I'd be happy to, but not in this fashion, which will get us nowhere but more upset at each other.

1 point

Remember, I'm not the one who started this "debate." It was someone else. I just commented.

I don't have Faith that fire won't burn me. That's not logical. All I said was that we believe our Faith is logical. If you want to criticize my Faith and say it's not logical, fine, but then you're just proving my point that all you do is criticize and name call.

1 point

Because Jesus will return and with Him will come perfection! Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord! I have amazing hope for what the future holds and am truly sad for those that don't. I can live a happy life knowing that the world will get better and better as more people become aware of their sin, turn to the saving grace of Christ and change the world! Let His Kingdom come!

Now that is one VERY good reason! (of course, that is if you believe this... if you don't, I truly am sorry because the world is hopeless for you. I, on the other hand, can be joyous and rejoice for the future. I definitely would rather do that then have no hope!) God Bless!

1 point

I absolutely believe they are valid! I have a strong visual and hands-on learning style. If I'm not taught in that way, it is EXTREMLY difficult to learn. However, if the teacher uses visual methods, I pick up incredibly quickly and remember easily! Learning styles are very much valid and I think teachers should be more aware of each student's particular one and try to cater to those in any way possible.

Logica-Sana(46) Clarified
1 point

Thanks for calling my opinions and Faith dung, that's really kind. (I won't even use the word) It's the oldest trick in the books to throw the blame on someone else instead of admitting to your own. I don't buy it.

I ran in that direction thinking we would all be civil individuals and debate with logic instead of feud, anger, and retaliation. I guess I was wrong.

I made constructive criticism. You can get mad at me for doing that, but that's your own problem. If you don't like it, I'd advise changing how you handle things when you don't agree. If you're upset, that's too bad, the truth is the truth. I have plenty of your comments to prove my point too. In almost every case you resort to language and verbal abuse almost instantly and I'm tired of it, that's why I said what I did, but did so calmly and with a point, not just to mindlessly berate you.

Forget the last part if you want, it's what I often close with. If you don't get what it means, fine, I don't care to debate it.

1 point

I'm so sorry you feel that way, there is clearly nothing I can do to change your mind. I think if you actually met me, you might change your mind. 95% of the people who live and work around me enjoy my presence and get along fine with me. you make it sound like everyone is fleeing from me, that is not the case. I probably wouldn't be in college and working at a solid job if that were the case. However, I can't get along with someone who continues to do nothing but criticize with no logical rebuttal.

1 point

I'm not going to continue debating with you, it's worthless. You want the final say, you're hypocritical, you don't care about what I have to say, and you continue to throw out hypercritical vicious remarks. I'm done, it's worthless. There comes a time where two people just have to go their own ways and hope they were right. I'm sure you'll have a final say, so go ahead, but I'm out. Bye.

Winning Position: Doesn't Stand for Right Things

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Protestant
Education: In College

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