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1 point

New rules say nothing about attacking members in the debates themselves; it only adheres to the initial created debate, i.e. the OP. Do please know what you're talking about before showing everyone how ignorant you are.

1 point

Given that somebody is gonna win the lottery, if one guy looses, you appear to be saying that chances of winning are still 50/50.

This is not my position at all. It's very apparent you lack the understanding of English necessary to even comprehend what I'm saying. My position is that, as the only planet known with life or signs of life on it, we have no reference for what the probability a planet has life. It's like playing a game where you click a button, and the screen displays a "0". A million people play the game and click the button, and it always shows a "0". But the next person that plays the game gets a "1". What's the probability of the screen showing a "0" or a "1"? You only have one instance of the screen even showing a 1, so you can't give any approximation to what that probability would be. You can't say it's 1/1,000,000, because it could be any smaller percentage and just had gotten lucky. Likewise, it could be any probability higher and everyone else was just unlucky. There's no trend to go off of.

All the same, we have no other planet we have observed so far that has life on it; so for all we know, we could be the only ones or there could be billions of civilizations just outside our field of vision. My argument is simply that you asserting, undoubtedly, that there have to be more than just one civilization of the Universe simply because of its size goes against many fundamental mathematical principles I tried to make as simple for you to comprehend as possible. I swear, I have to resort to explaining this like I'm talking to a child to get people to even understand my position.

All in all, the takeaway is just shouting, "because math" behind your baseless assumptions is meaningless; and an insult to mathematics and science alike. You should never assume that just because something is possible, it's reality; hypothesizing is fine, but don't say you know anything to any degree of certainty without evidence.

1 point

If you want information from a prisoner of war, bring cigarettes. Bring a six pack. Something to relax over. Get them to trust you and they'll tell you far more without realizing it.

This point just seems contradictory and frankly pretty ignorant. If you're a prisoner of war, being held by what I presume is the enemy, why would you trust them just because they bring you cigarettes and beer? I'm sure soldiers are trained to handle more than that...

1 point

Simply attempting to correlate two unrelated variables is not, in any way, a mathematical prognostication. Each planet isn't an attempt by some conscious being at creating life; there is no reason to assume that the mere amount of planets equates a probability for life to have formed on others. It's like saying if I roll a single die an infinite amount of times, at least once the die will roll "vanilla" just because of the amount of times I rolled it. Doesn't make sense put that way. This is also a version of a flawed argument for the existence of God, or pretty much anything else you can possibly imagine.

"The universe is so massive, unicorns just GOTTA exist somewhere in it. Or Fairies. They're all somewhere!

PS> My point with that is that nobody will take your argument seriously unless you back it up with facts rather than emotions. Otherwise you're just ranting on the same level as those which you condescend.

1 point

Posting arguments attacking other members is against the rules of the site. You have been reported.

1 point

Posting arguments attacking other members is against the rules of the site. You have been reported.

0 points

Posting debates targeting members is against the rules of the site. You have been reported.

1 point

People don't want to be truly free, that's called anarchy. If you want to be truly free, you're against the FDA regulating food processing companies by restricting the amount of harmful material allowed in the food you buy. If you want to be truly free, you're against any form of a police body and any form of law that restricts any aspect of your life; which is every single law that exists. If you want to be truly free, you disagree with any sort of incarceration system as it promotes control over an entity other than yourself, therefore you aren't free. Criminals incarcerated don't experience freedom, yet they live in the almighty United States of America?

The plain truth is you don't want to be truly free, you want to feel truly free. You want to be babied into thinking wholeheartedly that you have control over your life when you merely walk a series of predetermined paths designed by those smarter and wiser than you that are likely to cause you the least amount of negative effects. For those crying "freedom", dystopia is your utopia.

3 points

You seem to have a difficult time understanding the debates you argue upon.

There are MORE galaxies in the Universe

The debate is about the Milky Way, not the Universe.

To BELIEVE that out of ALL those galaxies, WE'RE the only one with intelligent life, suggests that you don't understand math, science, history or common sense..

Since we've found no direct signs of intelligent life thus far in exploring the universe, there's no basis for any probability concerning life in other areas of the Universe. Unless you have any proof at all that hasn't been made known to the public somehow of signs of life on other planets, don't assert your ignorant beliefs so confidently and condescendingly.

Side note: I do believe we are not the only life in the Universe, I just severely disagree with the illogic in the reasoning of your argument.

1 point

Then don't bring an irrelevant religion into the discussion. You were the one to bring it up, not me. Also, it isn't like I said anything incorrect, that's what Christianity teaches. My own father once told me while we were having a religious discussion that, if I was murdered and my murderer asked for forgiveness for his sins, he would wish that person would go to heaven; because he "deserves to". On the other hand, my father says I'll go to hell simply for not believing in God.

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