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RSS LondonEscort

Reward Points:5
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1 point

Cell phones distract pupils from studying process. Cell phones distract not only owners but other pupils too and that is wrong. So every classroom should be equipped with special cell phone jammer to prevent the usage of cell phones.

Supporting Evidence: Cell phone jammer (
1 point

you are absolutely right. If some people want to be gey, ok that is not a problem, that's their choice but such relationships should not be popularized by TV and other mass media. I don't understand why gey relations are allowed and for example paid sex services are not allowed. I don't see any point in such laws.

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1 point

The percentage of crimes committed by blacks is huge. lots of them don't have work and they are ok with living on donations from government. I pay taxes and this money goes on feeding blacks that just don't want to work. That's not fair!

1 point

Pornography was created even earlier than our civilization :) People have been fond of porn since ancient times and still we managed to fly to the moon and to create synthetic genome. BTW, sexual services is the most ancient job of women and nowadays nothing changed. I mean there are lots of girls that are ready to provide anyone with sex services in exchange for money.

Supporting Evidence: Lots of escort girls (
1 point

The main physiological needs of human being are food, water, sex.

And everything of that list can be bought. if you have lots of money you can easily buy the most delicious and healthy food, drink the best cocktails and have sex with the most beautiful girls in the world.

Supporting Evidence: Beautiful London Escorts (
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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: United Kingdom
Websites: Cheap London Escorts

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