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RSS LordAmon

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2 points

Yes, I agree with your opinion. I think countries need to allow death penalty for sale of drugs. I suggest to allow different forms of death penalty, except electric chair.

1 point

Why only Islam is the most danerous religion, What about chrisitan movements and sects, which are making more craziest things than arabian people. They are also danger of people in the world. Or what about people in the whole world which are not muslim, they are making crazy things, they are killing people in in honor of god. I think we need to abolish any sections but not abolish religion. Religion is part of our life, of our history.

1 point

Actually agree. Arabian culture is very beautiful and great. But guys we are avoiding the topic. We need to talk how to reject terroristic acts but not to reject religion or criticise arabian world and their language.

1 point

If we see the root of these problems so we will see that religion was not the main thing which rule these people. The main root of evil is their ruler which want to have more power. But not religion. Religion is a a way of helping people to be confident and believe in miracle.

1 point

Terrorists are victims of their ruler. They are uneducated people and they don't know a lot of political issues. They are only victims.

1 point

Religion is a way to help people to believe in something but not to fight or make terracts

1 point

Guys. Religion is not a main evil if stupid fanatics making terroristic acts

1 point

But IT-technologists making some security to ptotect their sites from hackers

1 point

Guys in my opinion online democracy get more good results than usual democracy

1 point

But such kind of protesting can make more possibility to win in some struggles with government. For example, i heard , that one man in our city make a petition in Internet in official web-site of some ministry and he get help and ministry helped him.

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