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RSS LordSauron

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2 points

This is very bizarre. Nowhere in this debate does it mention Trump, but it does mention Biden, and you are still yet to comment on Biden. Secondly, even if that were not the case, you've provided no link in your attempted dodge, making you just like Biden, plagiarizing and providing no source for where you got the information. Is there some reason you didn't link us directly to his Truth Social account comment directly so we could see exactly what was said? I ask because the last time you cited something he said on there, you left out much of his actual post, which changed the meaning and context completely, and you looked like a dishonest liar because either you are one, or you cite a media that is one.

1 point

What's funny here, is that you appear to believe all 30,000 documented LIES the orange man told..

Here's the clear fallacy here. You attacked Trump for "lying" nonstop for years. Now you elected a guy that lies like it's some kind of lying religion, and you have nothing to say about it. Not a god damned peep.

1 point

Couple things.. I didn't say that.

Yes you did. Your very first comment on the topic was that it was a right winger.

Idon't equate what ONE person does or says, to his beliefs, and suggest that everybody who shares those beliefs is equally nutty..

Yes you do. You have clearly lumped all Trump supporters into one bag.

2 points

Why Hunter Biden? He's not in government. He has NO influence over government.

Jesus Christ dude. He's a middle man in a money laundering scheme with foreign governments. The Bidens sell politics to the highest foreign bidder. They then have the money sent to Hunter so that no politicians are directly involved to cover their ass. Then he sends his dad crazy amounts per month like $100,000 for "rent" on a house that costs $2,000 to rent that he doesn't even live in. You're "informed"? Then why don't you ever seem to know shit about even the basics on these matters? It's all in those fucking emails that you didn't read, and the media you trust tried to cover up. Why haven't you read them? I mean don't you want to be informed as to what is in them? Don't you love the Constitution and the law and want to know exactly what these mother fuckers were and are up to with your god damned money?

1 point

Nitpicking and tu quo fallacy. Epoch times is a questionable source enough said.

The Epoch Times covered the Hunter Biden laptop story. The entire mainstream media ignored it for over a year until they couldn't deny it any longer. They now cover it. Let that sink in.

1 point


It is absolutely hypothetical and improbable. However it's better to answer these questions before somebody gets shot, rather than after..

You watch the cops on YouTube.. Me too. It doesn't look so improbable after viewing those videos..

Yet you are shown Project Veritas videos and scoff and push them to the side. Let that sink in.

1 point

And then it turns out the vaccine gives people blood clots, stroke, death etc and your dumb ass is proud that he tried to mandate that fucking shit. Jesus fucking Christ dude. Stay away from kids dude. You're either dumber than dirt, making you dangerous, or you're evil, which makes you dangerous. Maybe your stupid ass is just both.

1 point

So, when the law is amended, the government should send out 300 million updates? DUDE!

When a new law is enacted, the government should send out another 300 million updates?? DUDE!

That is the STUPIDEST thing you've ever said, and you've said some stupid stuff.

Posting it on Facebook, Twitter etc would take two clicks. Are you really this fucking stupid?

1 point

And, when the hell, did the Republicans fall head over heels in love with Putin??

Strawman. No one loves Putin. If I don't want to fight someone or risk my own peoples' lives, it doesn't mean I like them you dishonest piece of dog shit. Stop pushing us into war to fund the billionaire owned war machine you God damned war mongering lemming. If the machine says jump, you instantly ask how high. Jesus fucking Christ. Have you ever once had an independent thought that wasn't fed to you by a billionaire or a media that is owned by them? My fucking god.

1 point

The Republicans are a joke

Based on? Give me a list of why you feel this way, and try not to include something that Democrats do.

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