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RSS LordSauron

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3 points

I don't agree with either of the nutjobs or support Communism. You on the other hand do. I love how you try to convince yourself that when the Commies in America and the Commies in Russia and China can't get along, that right wingers root for anyone. No, we just watch the left wing shit show while all 3 of them prove why the left should control nothing and no one anywhere in the world.

1 point

Abortion is already legal in the United States.

2 points

Fascism has nothing to do with saving lives or abortion. Fascism is the merger of the states and the corporations to control the people through the corporations. An example would be the Democrats controlling what Facebook and Twitter do concerning censorship. Another example would be Democrats threatening corporations that they'd better put policies in place to strongarm employees into getting vaccinated and wearing masks with fear of losing their job otherwise. Nevertheless, the right still allows the left to do as they wish in their own states. Would you care to explain how that is Fascist?

1 point

Truth is, you can HAVE the cow pastures We'd rather have factory's that make BIG weapons and you can keep your cow pastures.

Weapons manufacturing is done in red states.

1 point

You are aware Britain Nazis

1)We are aware that the British Conservatives beat the German Socialists.

2)In an American civil war of the left's making, you'd have to take a piece of territory 20 times bigger than Britain, which doesn't make your point. It makes ours per your own reasoning.

1 point

I'm thinking a square mile of New Yorker's can defeat your 4 cow pastures any day of the week.

Guns are illegal in New York, but not in any cow pasture. Didn't really think that out did you?

1 point

I laughed my YAKOV.

1 point

I wanna run you through a shredder to put you in a bunch of nukes and cover the Earth with Factology covered in peppered monkey brains as your essence covers the Earth like rainy piss that comes from a giant flying factology goddess.

1 point

From the piece-

"Or perhaps it’s because social liberalism is more acceptable in polite society, and many of us are more right-wing than we let on."

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