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RSS LordSauron

Reward Points:8
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I laughed my YAKOV.

1 point

I wanna run you through a shredder to put you in a bunch of nukes and cover the Earth with Factology covered in peppered monkey brains as your essence covers the Earth like rainy piss that comes from a giant flying factology goddess.

1 point

From the piece-

"Or perhaps it’s because social liberalism is more acceptable in polite society, and many of us are more right-wing than we let on."

1 point

Rats look like they are nastier to me.

LordSauron(8) Clarified
1 point

The majority of Americans think Democrats are lunatics.

1 point

I'll try.. She's a LEADER - NOT a nun.

Is this not the exact same argument for Donald Trump ?

1 point

Not at all. They know it's a waste of time. They'll go nowhere or try to get to Mars.

1 point

So you're waffling between I'm poor to bitch about capitalism, and I'm rich so bronto can't call me stupid.

Bwahahahahaha! You've done one hell of a job embarrassing yourself. Swell job of mental retardation tonight. Jolly good job of stupidity tonight buddy.


1 point

The kind of collectivism you're talking about is of a smaller scale, a different context and is not the "ultimate" form of collectivism that you would find on the far left.

It matters not. Even the middle left are bat shit crazy lunatics who cannot add. Those on the far left? Math forsook you right out of the birth canal.

1 point

Jesus facepalming christ, do you understand nothing?

Jesus seems to be on your mind. Excellent. I put him there.

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