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RSS LordofFacts

Reward Points:165
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As a Socialist I need all the money I can get, because we live in a system where only those who have a shitload of money have any power to change the system. This idea you have that the more wealthy a left winger is the more of a hypocrite they are is just dumb. I want billions and billions of dollars so that I have the power to change the system.

I don't believe in anything supernatural, because everything that exists is a part of nature and "supernatural" essentially means "those parts of nature which are not understood". I do not believe in spirits, but I am open to the possibility that there are some form of inter-dimensional beings or something which could be mistaken for spirits.

2 points

Nay .

2 points

Aye .

0 points

Fascists, stupid people, liars, rich people, and religious people. At least that's what it is for me, other leftists may be different.

2 points

That would be because Alex Jones is a nutjob. Anything else?

You believe in the same religion as the nutjob

You support the same president as the nutjob

You believe Islam is the beast system written of in the book of revelations, which is equally nuts to the things the nutjob believes

you are a conservative like the nutjob

you are fat like the nutjob

you spend your time spreading lies like the nutjob

most of the things you disagree with the nutjob on are the things he happens to be correct about, like 9/11

LordofFacts(165) Clarified
2 points

Dude tell me the truth, did you get the name Fiora from league of legends?

Would you rather be a calmmunist or a pissedian?


LordofFacts(165) Clarified
1 point

She's not monogamous with me, never was or will be. She made that clear from day one (not in a nasty way).

Yeah, obviously. The universe is a garden of dicks for her, and she chooses them as she pleases (so long as her real mack daddy pimp allows it).

LordofFacts(165) Clarified
1 point

It's a 5 day ban, I checked.

I guess Fiora is on my side after all. I guess she did lend me her pussy this time.

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