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1 point

One thing for sure,You don't know how to respect people who has opposite views of yours.

1 point

Only Night owls does.

The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

1 point

Incest leads to child complication. People have to use their minds rather than their feelings.

1 point

No there is no one to blame, but the mother could have prevented the boy from suiciding if she guided her child from what he's watching. The boy was completely brainwashed by a complete fictional story.

1 point

Sloth? Such a word. The more nutritionist between the two is vegans ofcourse, meats are delicious ,people won't care what elements are inside of it as long as it gives pleasure to the mouth, but vegans has a certain goal and to achieve that goal they study what to eat and not. So the one who study knows more.

2 points

For a strong atheist like you, ofcourse you would say that. Some people thinks they already have a proof but they did not found it by their eyes, it's in the prayer. Where if that someone challengly wish to a god who he doubtly exist but then that wish would become true in the other day multiple times then he/she would believe it (not precisely but some do)

Some just won't pray ofcourse it's against their pride to do it, just don't care ,don't give a concern and there's no need. That's why I came to the conclusion that the only one who prays is the one who are needy, the one who thinks they can't do something by themselves, also the one who was indoctrinated.

Also, people believe it coz they take bible seriously, was indoctrinated or either they don't doubt it and lastly they found comfort by the Bible's good words.

I'm not changing your mind, just gives clearer view about the opposite perspective of yours coz if an atheist like you don't understand Christians, you would end up insulting them like most atheist does.

1 point

Love is when you suddenly feel a feelings towards to a person like you don't wanna lose that person, you feel like protecting him/her, you don't care about his/her flaws, you feel contentment when your with him/her, you care about his/her problems, you wanna make him/her happy so you do commitment.

This is probably what you felt to your family and friends.

The reason why you are motivated at school and work, that feeling when you wanna give up but then just a thought of the person you love strengthens you. That is love

1 point

Wisdom comes first before intellect; intellect includes wisdom.

Wisdom is when you have good judgement, and this judgement makes us understand things such us having an answer to the question " why do we work". and this is where we got our knowledge from in other term, our intellect

1 point

Look newbie or a troll alt account. If you think I'm just a Christian preaching stuff and telling people that religion gives purpose and others don't then keep your tongue still. Religion is out of this. I'm not even saying that the "god made it all" theory is real, it's just that it's what other believes.

I'm not on the picture so stop teaching me a lesson because I'm not talking about myself.

Be open minded , just because you are not fan of religion doesn't mean what I'm saying is not true, non religious people depend more on fate, etc and believe that their future is unknown and also their existence, they don't either believe life has certain purpose they just do what they want such as helping others or making themselves succesful and die happy

But religious people believe their existence and end was made for a purpose so they set rules to all of their action because they think they will end up to that goal.

Aren't you happy with that? You got no certain purpose in life you just do what you want , get money, have family,

spend time with friends until your life ends.

Ofcourse you got goals or purpose in life but what I'm talking about is that there are some people thinks that "everyone has the exact same purpose why they live. "

Big bang is the theory where everything came from nothing, you just made my sentence complicated so you can now put your hands on your mouth and stop making stories of your imaginary female programmer.

1 point

Obvious answer but if you are saying the forgiver who don't forgive the answer is still the accuser because first of all the accuser don't have rights from his or her action to accuse somebody who you guessed is at fault. While the cold hearted forgiver had rights since he or she was the opressed.

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