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I don't think that's true. More/bigger isn't always the best. There are still lots of issues they have with each. If you want to know what I'm talking about, look at my sources and my argument.

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Here are my final thoughts on the subject at hand. While I know that China has a huge economy, a huge military, and a huge influence, "huge" doesn't always mean it's the best. They all have some problems, while on the contrary, our country has less problems than China. Plus, our influence is bigger. So, we win.

Winner: The United States

1 point

The United States will be the 21st century superpower for quite a number of reasons.

1. Economy: Winner - The United States

Even though China has the second biggest economy, that doesn't mean it's flawless. China's ability to reform their economy today is questionable, and their financial sector of their economy is way behind ours. Their growth is slowing down, and their are economic inefficiencies everywhere, due the services sector reforms being extremely slow. They also fail to give investors consistently profitable real returns, and serious financial constraints due to excessive government involvement can threaten the future of their economy. They have an official exchange rate GDP of $10.73 trillion, and a per capita GDP of $14,600. On the other hand, our economy has a higher official exchange rate GDP ($18.56 trillion) than China's, a much higher per capita GDP ($57,000), and at the Bretton Woods meeting in 1944, world leaders decided to anchor their exchange rates in gold, which would then be tied to our currency: the dollar bill, thus making our currency the most important in the world. We also have a lower inflation rate (our 1.3% compared to China's 2%).

2. Military: Winner - The United States

We understand that they have more manpower, more technological advances, and more tanks and submarines, but just because you have all that stuff doesn't mean you have a strong military. They are still way behind the other powerful militaries in the world in terms of equipment and training, as lots of money is put in to equip and train China's gigantic military. All those problems, along with corruption, lack of competition, overruns in cost, delays, issues enforcing quality control, lack of combat experience (they hadn't engaged in combat with a foreign enemy, which was Vietnam, since 1979, which puts them at a disadvantage in terms of combat experience), a flawed organizational structure, and monopolies in the defense industry when it comes to getting new technology all complement the fact that although China's military is the most enormous in the world, it still has tons of issues it needs to fix before it can become superpower-worthy. Meanwhile, the United States military, while it's not as large as China's, it certainly is quite big and is much more capable than China's as it doesn't have most of these problems which puts it at an advantage.

3. Politics: Winner - The United States

Although China has influenced many other countries around the world, it’s not as big as an influence as the United States. China’s economy is only the second-biggest, beaten by the United States. Yes, China’s influence is growing, however, even Russia is more influential than China. Plus, they are a communist nation, and back then, communist nations were seen as a threat according to the Domino Theory, so they’ve had a little catching up to do since then in terms of influence. They’ve also had some problems over the years, and that should not influence any country. Meanwhile, the United States has done some remarkable things. It boldly declared independence from Britain in 1776, led the allied powers in World War II, and it has lots of countries who happen to be friends with them, along with the biggest economy and military. Whatever happens in the United States always seems to have an influence on the world. When the 2016 presidential election happened, everyone was watching, and for a good cause, too. The victor (who was Donald Trump) would lead the world’s most powerful country, which had the strongest economy and military. Sorry China, but we win.

Sources: next-superpower/

Lucario(33) Clarified
1 point

Just so you know, Jar Jar Binks sucks. Right? I think you understand that.

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While other Star Wars movies were certainly better than this one, I think it was pretty good. At the same time, it was nowhere near flawless...

1 point

Things have been changing, and it's a little confusing for some people. I don't really care about the issue that much anymore... I'll just sit back, relax, AND WATCH NORTH KOREA BURN!!! DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE YOU COMMUNIST MARXISTS!!!!!!! BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA d:) Yeah, I feel you guys... hopefully. At least it's Trump instead of Clinton.

Lucario(33) Clarified
1 point

Also, I still love "Weird Al" Yankovic! Don't worry! He's still up there!

Lucario(33) Clarified
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ATTENTION THE TOP 10 LIST HAS CHANGED: Billy Joel, Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Queen, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift are now the singers on my list.

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Winning Position: Who is your favorite musician of all time?
Winning Position: Michael Jackson (The King)

About Me

"All I try to aim for is the truth. We all win if we find it. Without it, everything is lost."

Biographical Information
Name: Logan Zutter
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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