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RSS Lynaldea

Reward Points:1231
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

lol whatever guy/girl/whatever the fuck you want to call yourself.

I will no longer waste time on you.

have a good one.

1 point

No, Intangible. I have been an asshole in the eyes and mindsets of you, and a couple others. That does not make me an asshole. Simply because you say it is I'm supposed to believe it and accept it? Trust me, I will admit I am an asshole on this board when I am an asshole on this board. Thus far on this board I can't be an asshole for the things people say and do on this board negates and nullifies me from being an asshole.

Again, you claim "that is how you are". I'm simply defending myself from insults and attacks from a couple of you people. Especially coming from you and a couple others, I care not. For all I know you're just some inhuman computer bot. Or some weird dude chillin on his computer. And for all you know I could be a crazy lunatic, or some saint, or whatever. It doesn't matter what we both think of each other.

This is a debate site and this particular session is a "roast", so give it all you've got. However, do not expect me to not respond to certain posts that I feel like I want to respond to. And if you think I'm an asshole. Cool, power to you. I don't care to change your minds.

1 point

There is NOTHING you can teach me. Do not try. Try otherwise. Do not attempt to sway me towards this or that with your fallacies. Fuck off. Don't you get that? I'm sure you do.

1 point

hahahahahahahah .

leter letter

1 point

NO! I know that what you think of me is irrelevant. In simple terms. What you think does not mean anything to me, to many others.

I know that your beliefs are not important.

Thats what I KNOW.

1 point

I know who and where I am.

You cannot sway me this or that.

And with that, I say I will do what I must and are you to say otherwise. :D

1 point

Thank YOU for proving MY point . ;) wink wink

1 point






All of you are more lost than I.

And I am finding my way, as of recently, of course, momentarily.

Where are you?....

1 point

And which one are you? Ha! You don't fool me. GUY.

You're more than an asshole. That is greater than a crazy asshole.

2 points

92 percent.

Too many trolls.

Too many religious bashers.

Too many depressed people.

Too many people who think that not laughing at dumb jokes equals not humorous.

Pffffffffft. Get over yourselves.

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