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1 point

Go Hokies Bayyyyyyyy

1 point

Arizona State is a biggie and so is ECU Not the biggest tho

1 point

First off. Im sorry for any stir I caused yesterday. Not a good day for me..... Hope we can put it behind us. Ok lets get on with it You all missed what I was saying. it. I understand I can call myself that but I dont get offended if people dont call me that. If you call me white I dont care. they care if you call them black/colored/a negro/nigger/nigga...etc. It just doesnt make since to me. Maybe Im a redneck? Probably. I grew up in the downtown area of Richmond VA. Blacks and white class workers. Maybe the furtest thing ffrom a redneck. You all can think I a racist if you want and I know that you do. It doesnt changge my opinion. I know that we have the right to call ourselves what we want but do we have the right to get offended if people dont call you what you please?

1 point

I bet he will as much as I would hate it. haha I read recently that he is making 12 cents an hour now and has lost all his yachts and his farms are being taken next

0 points

Just remember...Its not rape if you like it........Just kidding....but not really......

1 point

HAHAH just brightned up my day..........Im not sure.

-2 points
1 point

Umm yes actually i do feel opressed as a white and i do know what it is like to be a miniority. Out of 2000 students at my school I am one of 200 whites. Shocking. I was given inschool suspension because i spoke up and said something when I found out that every other "white" school in our district did not have to attend a drug awareness program. I have never done drugs and never plan to. I spoke to my grade level admin and he(a black man) gave me inschool because I opposed his views. Here is how the conversation went. I stepped into his office...Hello Hayden how are you today? Not very good I replied. Oh and why is that? I feel that it is redicilous that I must attend a drug awareness program when I could be at home. I know you can sit here and tell me all day that I has nothing to do with race but because we are a black school we have to do it. He Stood up and said GET OUT OF MY OFFICE NOW. He sent me out with a pass to TAP. Teacher ALTERNATIVE PLACEMENT. Also I recieved 2 additional days of inschool suspenssion. Absloute iggnorance. My parents raised hell but of course it did no good. The point you all are missing is that they were already being enslaved by their own people when they were brought over here. People being stoned to death....If you can tell me why we take all of the blame for enslaving them when they were slaves before they came here i will give you the password to my account and you can cancel it for me. That was the point of this whole arguement. That they should be called something other that Americans because they are black. Should I call myself a Scottish American?? Or better yet a Scottish Australian because stotts werer enslaved there.

1 point

Sorry Im not taking all the time in the world on my be 100% honest. Im have been losing a debate to a 15 year old. how does that make you feel? I bet you feel like a bad ass. I can back these statements up. Its common knowlage that his name is BARACK HUSSIAN MOHAMMED OBAMA...........Cant help that. Sorry I have a life and dont live on this website like you with 1298 posts. Embarrasing. My momma always said people like you(that is people who cant ever be wrong) have alot on their mind. I now see she was right. Ok so maybe I was wrong about the Vegetarian thing. I admitted it. Just figured that you would get off of my back if you thought I was 28. Guess not. Thats fine. Your choice but I dont want to hear shit about my parents should have raised me better because they raised me just fine thank you very much. I have my own brain and can think for myself. I dont like obama or the things he has to say but i do understand if he is killed that it will hurt this country.

0 points Try that..........

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