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RSS Machiavelli1

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Should Rittenhouse have been acquitted?

Yes. If you don't want to get shot, don't follow a kid with a gun around like a stalker and then try to beat and stomp him. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If you are ashamed of being human, that means you lack confidence, self esteem, ambition, etc and have had it intentionally programmed out of you by the left via tv, movies, schools, politicians, etc. I personally feel great, but that's because I had good parents with good mental health who made sure I wasn't taught to hate myself into a deep, dark depression. One would think you would resent the left for your pain and misery and rebel against them out of revenge and use the pain to push you to greatness.

Outlaw tard do you realize that dogs can understand words

I told my dog to make me a salad, and its lazy ass didn't do shit.

3 points

Muslims are definitely on the far right as a collective group, which is what makes it strange that the left would wave them in while griping about the far right and a growing antisemitism in the West.

Concerning why don't I do something, we've tried, but the left keeps calling us bigots and protecting their backwards culture due to white guilt or something.

2 points

What's better? A war on women, or a war on Christmas?

Neither one, but the left allowing Muslim men to cover up women and treat them like animals is a sickening war on women by left wing men who say nothing.

In reference to a war on Christmas, if Christianity falls, the West will fall due to the mental error that the left has no filter, and will be overwhelmed by illiberal mobs it refuses to vet or assimilate, and who vastly out reproduce them.

I predict that a liberal world will not exist in 30 years, and it will be of the left's own making.

3 points

Christianity created the West, and Islam created the Middle East, so you tell me.

The horse is my spirit animal, galloping free across the prairie and the plains in its flight.

Not who I root for, but I think the Balrogs are the most interesting to look at on film and ponder about.

How would he be able to see my wank if I was peeing into his face?

I would pee in the drain if I thought there was a clown in there.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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