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RSS MadLad

Reward Points:5
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2 points

I feel like required parenting classes could be helpful to an extent. This class could be good in the early states of pregnancy or junior to senior years of high school. Seeing as 73% of teen births are at age 18-19. These parenting classes could also help educate people who may have friends who have a child and are not attending these classes. I don't see why we don't educate our teens about parenting more often. This is an important life skill that they will learn that was extremely help full as they progress through there life.

1 point

No because you can Recyle them and what are you supposed to carry your shopping home in! Paper bags

Yes that's the entire point, i'm sorry where you too busy going out to the store and buying stuff at the mall to care. I mean you obviously don't even have enough time on your hands you check your spelling.

1 point

Your actually retarded, what do you think this is about, holding your dirty diapers, I don't believe so. I mean I guess you are a democrat, so what can I do about it?

2 points

People may loose jobs, but that doesn't mean there wont be new ones created

2 points

I like your statement here because I have seen at multiple people house or at least where I live, people just throw them away. I believe a great alternative to this would be to just create a bring your own bag policy (BYOB) this would be a simple fix and people wont be completely killed by the change.

2 points

I like Jews, especially female ones, dipped in honey, with sprinkles.

Can't beat that.

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