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My argument

Communism has these features.

Do you really want to pratice your religion in secret of risk punishment?

Do you really want the government to own everything?

Do you really want to have no voice in the government?

Do you really need to think about which is better?

3 points

How does schools with uniforms have less drugs? I don't think Uniforms affect drug all....that's mainly peer pressure you know.

2 points

Uh, hey! Public schools are beginning to enforce School Uniforms so your logic defies you.

2 points

I hear you! My district is debating over it, and they say if you go to school not wearing your uniform, you have to sit in the office all day, and is forced to change into the uniform anyways. How unfair is that!?!

2 points

OMG school uniforms are in fact ugly. They do not help self esteem! school uniforms lowers self esteem because students feel ugly. geez

2 points

1) Uniforms won't make much of a difference with getting ready in the morning. I'm pretty sure MANY people plan what to wear the night before so they don't have to do it in the morning.

2)Cultivate Diversity? Really? You're not a kid now, but I am. Every student wears THEIR clothes and accessories to show of WHO THEY ARE, not who they are not. With Uniforms, they can't show off who they are. I'm glad I'm me, not who the schools want me to be.

Oh, and btw, Many students disagree with uniforms, and just won't wear them. the principals make those students sit in the office all day, so the students aren't getting a proper education just because they have the right to express themselves.

3 points

Seriously? the reason schools are putting in school uniforms is because about 10% of the students(mainly girls) wear skimpy outfits that are banned in the dress code. To me, the uniforms are a terrible idea because the Administrators are basically punishing all of the students because a handful of students felt they should wear skimpy clothes that expose much of them. A lot of kids wear certain clothes to express themselves. Forcing students to wear uniforms is wrong and should be banned. Besides, who wants to wear khakis and polo shirts to school EVERY SINGLE DAY!?! I know I don't. To make matters worse, I know for a fact (straight from the students themselves) that many students are deciding upon dropping out of school because they don't want to wear uniforms.

The Administrators of the schools should realize that students are planning to drop out of school rather than wear school uniforms.

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