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3 points

This quote has been taken out of context, and in the way that it is presented here has completely lost the meaning behind it. The idea behind what Obama said is this: that there is always someone that stood behind you and supported you in your ventures. To say that Obama is claiming that the government is the sole reason for success is wildly incorrect. Everyone has a teacher or someone who supported their ventures. No single person has the ability to make a successful business without the help of someone else. The easiest way to correct the outrage surrounding the quote when taken out of context is simply to add the word alone.



-- Appeal to pity

-- Appeal to Emotion

Also, bciara96, in the case that the mother was endangered by giving birth to the child, wouldn't that make the one who made abortion illegal the one who decided whether the woman should live or die. To use your own words: What if this was you? or What if it was your mother?

2 points

"He is responsible for our birth and our death"

So, wouldn't he be reesponsible for the abortion? That is saying the abortion is killing a human life, which it is not.

2 points

LenaHMorris. If you are going to debate on this site, the others of this community, and myself would appreciate it if you would use correct english. It would make your arguments more cohesive as well as make you sound less like an imbecile who doesn't know how to use a period. Thank you.

I am confused.

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters.

I suggest that people in the future invent a time machine, go back in time and kill the idiot who is running the company, the oil rig and all the other idiots who caused this accident. :)

I am disputing for one reason. Academics are necessary out in the real world, and thusly should be taught to everyone it should not be a choice. However as you stated, not everyone is going to be or wants to be a professional athlete. It should be based on choice.

Nope, any logical person who was smart enough to develop a device to travel in time, would be smart enough to go back in time and give it to themselves, therefore eliminating a need to create it in the first place, therefore they couldn't have invented it in the first place, and therefore couldn't go back in time to give it to himself. Thus I present to you, the Time paradox.

2 points

Bush caused this entire mess with his war. He got us into a mess and now Obama has no means to fix it. Just as in many things there is not a magic fix that does everything. Obama has gone a long way to begin the recovery process. That began when Bush was no longer president. What people need to realize is, with all this criticism people are failing to recognize what Obama has done. In a haystack, its hard to find the needle of truth.

2 points

Seeing as it is one of the cleanest forms of energy that can be produced, yes. There is historical precedence for Nuclear melt downs, but they have all been caused by HUMAN error, not machine.

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