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RSS MantisBreath

Reward Points:24
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10 most recent arguments.
MantisBreath(24) Clarified
1 point

You're obviously no expert on cigars.

You're just another smelly, oxygen-deprived addict pretending to be a refined connoisseur like a five year old gay boy playing make believe dress up in his sisters clothes.

If somebody hit my son on the shoulder with a skateboard, I'd prefer he get hit with the skateboard rather than killing somebody.

My son is a real G. Someone shot him with an AR-15 and he ended up killing them with his skateboard. We poured gun powder and broken glass and everclear over the wounds and they healed over night. Dats dat gangsta DNA.

If a nigga wanna get smoked, I'm your pit master

ain't no one about to grill me cause' I'll take your wig faster

I don't really care if you think I'm a sick bastard

got a clip strapped for anyone if its me or them who gon' live after

the bitch cracker police wouldn't let me slide

if I tried that shit Rittenhouse did cause' I'm a bit blacker

thats why I'm not fucking with you lip flappers

fairness don't exist, (facts, word)

the only pertinent factors

are those that differentiate who lives phatter

who survives, and who gets all their shit splattered

this a war

everything that life might have in store

is there to kill you or to play you like a whore

living is an act of self defense and nothing more

my hundred rounds will put a pussy nigga on the floor

I don't give a fuck about your race and no one's in the "right"

there's just winners then there's losers and I'll shoot a man on sight

I'll use a box cutter, now your nipples gonna get sliced

squeeze some lemon in that shit and serve your nipple-blood on ice

A niggas fucked up mentally, I'm sick in the head

I'm a psychopath abusing six different meds

I ain't sayin' that I walk around looking spray it

but I'm not the one to play with I'll put niggas to bed

Kyle has PTSD, the boy was cryin' in court

but was it only fear or was it tied to remorse?

he shouldn't be ashamed just for applying some force

the questions why he even got inside the mix for

if he got locked up or it was him who left that night as a corpse

he was asking for it, darwinism finding its course

MantisBreath(24) Clarified
1 point

And I'm resting easy knowing you are so unintelligent you tried to insult me by calling me a cigar :|

Which brings into question why you need me to be unintelligent to "rest easy". It also brings into question what is so unintelligent about comparing you to a cigar? It's a good analogy for you because they smell like shit and cause cancer plus they resemble the black dicks which frequently enter your gay little unicorn body.

Kyle was NOT looking for trouble, he was looking for love and healing.

You sound incredibly cheesy and gay. You are what would happen if you put rainbow frosting on a cheese cake and then exposed it to too many christian apologist lectures on youtube.

Take the theory of evolution and the Big Bang Theory for example. Those are unproven beliefs centered on faith alone

It isn't intelligent and/or intellectually honest to pretend that theories which require evidence to even be called "theories" are on equal ground with religious beliefs. To disregard the entire notion of there being varying levels of evidence to things and to simply call everything "faith" ruins the whole point of reason. You have faith in your own faith in God despite not even understanding that there is a difference between a belief and a theory. In order to have a belief, you have to believe it but you can choose not to believe in a theory or even a fact. Your problem is that you don't seek evidence and facts when choosing what to believe because retarded apologists brainwashed you to think that everything is faith which would render all beliefs pointless by default instead of rendering christianity true by default btw.

Well I've got that too, I'll admit. But explain why you think they are mutually exclusive.

I never said they were mutually exclusive you retarded little faggot, just that you have one and not the other. Now go roll into a ball somewhere while someone kills you.

Unicorns have nuclear rainbow blood. You drink it, your face melts off.

You don't have nuclear rainbow blood though, you just have the gay kind of rainbow blood.

You're just as naïve as you sound.

I am going to drink your blood and you can't stop me because you don't believe in using force for self defense. You are going to wait for the laws to change so that self defense is somehow magically never necessary anymore while your life force is draining away and my powers grow stronger.

I think a unicorn would not be naïve enough to think twice about using their horn as self defence against you.

You just admitted that if you were a baby unicorn you wouldn't use your horn, instead you would let me drink your blood to get magical powers because self defense should be illegal.

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