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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

For every major problem in the world, it can usually be trace back to the Jews

-Adolf Hitler

0 points

An article from today would prove him right. Great logic from a little shit throwing halfwit.

0 points

They need 63. They got 48. You're an even bigger idiot than I had thought.

1 point

I'd rather eat my pets than shave my nutsack.

0 points

I am a witness that you are on the site the most. You were here hours before bronto arrived today, and even years before as ramshutu.

1 point

They did check Trump. No evidence. Since you have no evidence, what do you do now?

0 points

The volcano was just found in the last few months. Your data is obsolete.

Also, the climate warming up by a degree doesn't tell us the cause of it. Extreme climate change has happened for billions of years pre man.

3 points

That's why you can't find a job, have no bank account, and live with your mom.

0 points

Conservatives Need To Understand That I Am Superior At A Genetic Level

That's why you can't find a job, have no bank account, and live with your mom.

1 point

I thought right wingers LOVED the Constitution..

If you think the right are the ones who love the Constitution:

A)Why aren't you a right winger?

B)Did you think the left didn't love the Constitution?

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