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RSS Mao_Tse-Tung

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Mao_Tse-Tung(26) Clarified
1 point

Do you Democrats eat meat.

All true leftists eat a diet comprised only of raw meat.

Mao_Tse-Tung(26) Clarified
1 point

Very VERY good Mr. Wuwu. You have passed this one with flying colors.

Don't be hyperbolic though, it's not "illegal" nor am I sick for typing it. People have written novels and other such media that are much worse. Also do not think that just because you are a psychopath in the story that I am calling you one IRL.

Mao_Tse-Tung(26) Clarified
1 point

I'm posting it now, it's not going to be timed so just respond whenever.

Mao_Tse-Tung(26) Clarified
1 point

How do you let someone get away with multi-accounting and racial slurs for FOUR YEARS and then delete my post just because I said "fuck" or something while correcting that Burrito/Nom prick about historically accurate terminology concerning the Shinobi.

You have no right to whine about "haters" when you hate people for their race and want to kill people for their politics. Especially when you can't even tell the difference between hate and facts.

Once again, I must remind you that you are objectively in the wrong on every level. Now go ahead and ooze out more retardation and hypocrisy you subhuman waste of matter.

As much as it pains me to say it, Burrito boy is right. Chinaman is the very same drunken hillbilly who you let spam the word "nigger" on this forum for four years while repeatedly targeting me for 99% of your bans and deletions. It's like you only come here to fuck with me while ignoring anyone else's transgressions.

0 points

As a fat Chinese Commie who single handedly murdered 40 million people I couldn't agree more.

Christianity helped shape Europes value system. You have NO CLUE the humanity you enjoy thanks to the tenets of Christianity.

"helped shape" and "created" are two very different things. Christianity existed for almost 2000 years without creating what you call "Europe's value system" and there were just as many atheists, deists and various others who helped shape it.

I am pretty sure China has developed technology of a military nature in secret that they would unleash on any powerful enough nation that posed a threat to them. They probably have secret bioweapons programs, drones and combat robots of various types etc.

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