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RSS Maplecat

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1 point

In some cases, absolutely. If someone is terminally ill and/or their value of life is extremely low, they have the right to end their suffering. Who are we to force them through that?

2 points

Okay. In most cases, by the time the fetus is aborted it is merely a clump of cells. No organs, no brain. Just cells splitting. That brings up the question about "souls" and religion. And the truth of the matter is we are a couintry with the freedom of religion (or NOT to have a religion). Remember. Seperation of church and state. If we based all laws off of religion we would stone people, have slaves (still), and not be aloud to go out on Sundays

1 point

As long as the vegetarian is careful to take in enough nutrients it is as healthy, and sometimes even healthier, than a diet containing meat because it takes away many unhealthy, unnatural elements (such as preservatives or how it is prepared, not the actual meat itself).

1 point

Maybe in a catholic school, but creationism has NO PLACE in a public school. If we are to have a creationism class at all (which we shouldn't) it should teach ALL religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, even ancient branches of religion)

5 points

Whoever made this debate is awesome xD The babble HAHAHAHA, anyway OF COURSE gravity should be taught

1 point

Women make up 14 percent of the active-duty force and more than 17 percent of the reserves.

----Source of information:

*These woman do their job as well as ANY of the men in the army.

I dare you to get rid of woman in the military.. I dare you "manly men".

1 point

Knowing the kind of stuff she did im not in the least bit shocked. RIP, Whitney Houston

Maplecat(70) Clarified
1 point

Dude, he/she is being sarcastic...................................

1 point

Many of you view abortion of taking a minature breathing baby out of the mom and breaking its neck or something, it is not like that. Many times an abortion occurs the fetus is just a clump of developing cells and, in fact, it is not a living thing at all.

Some say (when this defense is brought up), "It is killing a future baby". Well, actually, whenever a woman has her period she is killing a future baby.

Sorry if this defense crushes all the beliefs you were taught..

1 point

There is an actual disease that is very similar to "the zombie plague", but the "zombie" does not get super strength or anything the blockbuster films advertise. And they are not undead, they would die as easily as we would. So it is possible but not as END OF THE WORLD as you would think.

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Winning Position: Yes, its for the best

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"Opinion is not opinion if it is backed up with solid logic, fact, and truth."

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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School

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