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RSS MarkDice

Reward Points:51
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

No Bernie supporter is as wonderful as a 3 year old sandwich.

1 point

The leftist Bernie Bro, Burritolunch, is ready to throw you in a gulag for physical torture and re-education.

Sanders Field Organizer Advocates Violent Revolution, Gulags for Trump Supporters, Liberals, in Undercover Videos

1 point

You yourself are to blame for your problems assuming you don't have a disease you didn't cause or a serious birth defect.

2 points

with people who didn't resort to cursing out and banning the people they disagree with.

That would be you.

1 point

They ban anyone who is interesting, the recipe for boring, stale, and being a failed site.

1 point

He's just gone through an impeachment trial for something he did which was illegal you delusional Nazi buffoon.

Describe to me what illegal thing Trump was impeached for.

"This would be the first impeachment in American history — if it proceeds, as it will — without a specific criminal statute or crime that the president who is impeached would have allegedly committed."

1 point

If everyone had to vote, the Democrats would never win again.

2 points

The difference is that conservatives aren't hypocrites belching hate and ridicule about things they themselves do. Libs do that. Bitch and get rich. Look, it rhymes.

1 point

Some of these accounts are hootie's accounts. Some are fact machine's. Some are mine, and I am nonfact machine.

1 point

Soros is leader of the blue regime may we reign supreme.

Ha! The Asians will have you in chains laughing in your face all the way to your cell. They almost own you already, and aren't particularly fond of white people.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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