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RSS Marshall

Reward Points:18
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10 most recent arguments.
Marshall(18) Clarified
1 point

Satan loves you, evil God punished him just for giving us knowledge.

0 points

A socialist who isn't really a socialist is usually a fascist, and you claim to be a socialist while making fun of me for not having enough money to live on my own.

Marshall(18) Clarified
1 point

you can't even take care of yourself without mommy and daddy there to help you.

So you think capitalism is a meritocracy then? Because the only reason I am not living on my own is because I don't have enough money. You are a fake socialist trying to shame someone for not having money.

Marshall(18) Clarified
1 point

I feed off of your pain Nom. The more you suffer the more joy it brings me.

Marshall(18) Clarified
1 point

I have sciatica in my lower back at the moment. I'm having to take codeine because the pain is so bad. Feels like someone is crushing the nerve with a pair of pliers.

Lol, I hope the pain is particularly concentrated in your buttocks because you are butthurt when proven wrong and also a pain in the ass. It would be the ultimate form of poetic justice.

Marshall(18) Clarified
1 point

So you never really thought about truth and reason, you simply reached an age where you were capable of asking questions of a religious/existential nature and then clung to the first thing that made you feel good. What's more, you chose the most stereotypical religion without exploring the hundreds of other ones. If I was religious, I would at least pick something logically consistent and cool like taoism or buddhism, instead of the most internally inconsistent and cliche' body of superstitions on earth. Have you ever considered that reality doesn't care about your feelings? Your psychological need for Jesus/the afterlife etc. does not make them real, and to be a real truth seeker you need to prioritize truth over what makes you feel good instead of assuming they must be one and the same.

1 point

I don't hate you, so why, hate me?

Because I hate Christianity. It is both stupid and evil. Christians deserve to have their rectal cavity split in half and their earlobes ripped off.

1 point

I am going to split your penis in half then put you into a centrifuge full of weapons grade uranium.

1 point

No, there are five. Their names are Go, Fuck, Your, Self, and Please.

1 point

waa waa waa I hate you

That's nice, run along now and play in traffic or something.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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