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RSS MaryEliz2

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1 point

If after the deal, Iran decides to build new bombs we can just sanction them again, but this possibility doesn't make the deal bad.

1 point

The Iran deal is a good deal and it is the best way to make sure that Iran cannot make nuclear weapons. The deal does this by making Iran give up a substantial amount of their uranium and giving up the things that they need to make nuclear weapons. On top of all of this, Iran has inspections often to make sure that they are following the terms of the deal. Also, the Iran Nuclear Deal shows that the American government can deal with their enemies in other ways than by just using force.

1 point

The American people do not require a constitution to give them structure. The Articles of Confederation have so much potential for structure we just need to make sure is is actually enforced.

1 point

The Articles of Confederation is what America needs to stick with. The states should have the power, not a central form of government! We have to protect ourselves from ever having a tyrant over us again! There is no need for a standing army when we have perfectly good militias! Militias would not fight against their own people! Additionally, the articles give the states power to regulate taxes over their own citizens. Why should the federal government have so much control over people they no nothing about? The Articles of Confederation are for America.

1 point

My name is Mary Elizabeth, and I think that option 2 is the best way to handle North Korea. We must try and talk to them before we take war-like action because they now have IBCMs that can hit some of the places that belong to us. Additionally, it would not be good for the US to sit down with them one-on-one because there are chances for bribery and blackmail. Also, if the US were to negotiate with North Korea and give them what they want, there is a good chance that they would come back asking for more. Another reason that option 2 is the best is that there are more than two negotiating parties. the larger number would allow Americans to feel safer than if it was just North Korea and the USA negotiating.

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