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RSS MasterYoda

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2 points

That is more or less the opposite of what you'd want to do. If you save enough money you can buy things that may help you survive.

Then again, if there were no corporations shitting all over the ecosystem for profit, there might not be a problem to begin with.

1 point

Jalapenos are very flavorful, I enjoy the jalapeno very much.

1 point

I find it funny that conservatives suddenly become class conscious when it comes to "wealthy liberals" but in any other case you would say that if you are rich it's because you're better than everyone else.

MasterYoda(205) Clarified
1 point

I'm listening, what do you mean by that?

It means that in the future there will be no monetary system or politics because those things are unscientific and not based in objective reality and I would rather have it be a time of freedom and equality than a technocracy run by AI overlords or a transhuman elite class.

To me the petty squabbles of the democrats VS republicans is a waste of time, because in the long term we are just in the midst of one phase of human development and the current system will inevitably fade away in time. When automation takes over enough jobs, we will have the capacity to produce far more than we do now, yet purchasing power will go DOWN because millions of people will lose their jobs. This is just one example of how capitalism only works under certain conditions, and in the long run it will be made obsolete just as feudalism was made obsolete by capitalism.

So when I say I support the RBE system I am thinking long term, in a modern-day context I support progressivism and democratic socialism because centrism assumes that radical change is not necessary (which it is due to the mere forces of nature causing things to change, nevermind any particular ideology) and right wingers would rather have everything stay the same forever or regress rather than have society evolve.

1 point

In other words my father didn't fight in WW II

Your father was a white Polish atheist like you.

MasterYoda(205) Clarified
1 point

Good "Christian right wing women" wouldn't show Gods Gifts like that

You can literally worship Satan and be more right wing than any republican, the christian right winger is just an American stereotype based on the culture of America rather than a universal image of what right wingers look like. There are right wingers who want to ban guns and have forced abortions.

1 point

I was never fat enough to be a sumo wrestler, you could do it though if only your legs worked.

MasterYoda(205) Clarified
1 point

I agree. Do you identify as a centrist, or a libertarian

Socialist is the easiest label, although it's a bit more complicated than that. I advocate a Resource Based Economy similar to what Jacque Fresco promoted.

MasterYoda(205) Clarified
1 point

I see. I think they sound left wing. While I do question Trump, I also question the left wing nut bags.

Yes, they are left wing. There are left wing nut bags, but right now the right wing has a massive internet-based propaganda machine plus they have the white house. The right wing nut bags are the bigger threat.

A perfect example is Steven Crowder telling you that Hitler was a liberal and a socialist. This is outright historical revisionism.

MasterYoda(205) Clarified
1 point

who is Antifa?

Antifa is short for anti-fascist. This debate is a parody of how right wing media portrays people associated with Antifa. Antifa is not even an actual organization, but rather a loose network of people who identify as Antifa. There is no central ideology or leadership, and many different types of people might be associated with it. Right wing media goes out of it's way to find the worst examples and incorporate it into their anti-leftist conspiracy theories.

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