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RSS MasterYoda

Reward Points:224
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1 point

I am going to twist your butt hole and use a pair of calipers to keep it clamped in a twisted configuration.

1 point

I am going to irrigate your penis hole and use abrasives and solvents to expedite the process

1 point

I am going to mount you on a cross made of thorns and put a crown made of crosses on you

1 point

I am going to force feed you seal blubber until your man boobs grow enough for your nipples to touch each other then I am going to staple your nipples together

1 point

I am going to drug you with a magic potion that makes you insatiably horny and erect 24/7 and then drop you off on a remote island inhabited only by hot lesbians who don't want to have sex with you

1 point

See, if our drug laws were more liberal as opposed to conservative this wouldn't happen. If it was legal to sell meth on the street these butt penis nigger vaginas wouldn't have to pose as drug dealers and drug buyers and get so cuntfusalled.

1 point


0 points

You are criticizing democracy, despite advocating for even more democracy than what currently is in place. You started off strong but then contradicted your own ideology. Of course rhetoric is more important than fact in politics, it has been that way in every system ever established by man. That is because politics is not based on scientific facts, it is based on human relations and social constructs and thus there is inherent subjectivity involved. The true root of the problem is the root of the problem you claim is the root problem, and it's the fact that the average person is an idiot that allows them to be manipulated by rhetoric in the first place and that will never change because idiocy is relative and the few will always find new ways to manipulate the many and evolve just as the masses evolve.

1 point

Gay, that song is .

MasterYoda(224) Clarified
1 point

She was trying to show that cunning and intelligence falter in the face of bravery and loyalty but in real life things aren't so clear cut.

IRL Intelligence is punished without cunning. If you use your intelligence in honest ways society will only use you or shun you. Loyalty will allow you to survive in the right circumstances, but only as someone else's bitch in most contexts. Bravery and intelligence are generally what society fears and punishes, whereas cunning and loyalty are generally rewarded. The best combination for success in our current society is to be cunning at your core but also highly intelligent, only using your intelligence in selfish and cunning ways and feigning loyalty when advantageous while also being brave enough to not be a total push over but in a way that doesn't undermines cunningness.

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