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RSS MatsudaSan

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a less intelligent person could easily be driven to racism and bigotry when constantly faced with racism and bigotry. This is the reason many blacks have developed racist beliefs about whites.

He is obviously insinuating that blacks are unintelligent if you think about it. This guy thinks he's funny. What a baka.

1 point

Who is FactMachine? Is he related to TruthMachine? Is truthmachine his mom?

0 points

They are not opposing ideologies, they are just different ideologies. You can be a liberal socialist, infact you can't have liberalism without a bit of socialism but you can have non-liberal socialism if you have an authoritarian socialism.

MatsudaSan(8) Clarified
1 point

We are not gonna let them take over here like Europe did. Our women aren’t that cowardly

Where are you from desu ka?

1 point

Woah woah ever hear of civil discourse? You sound like you where locked in a movie theatre with CNN propaganda playing on the screen for a week straight and fed nothing but bread and fluoridated antifa juice.

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