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RSS Maverick007

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2 points

Even though you don't believe in prayer, it can be replace with singing a song or doing something that keeps you mentally well. For most, prayer is that thing that keeps their minds sane. So, while you keep yourself sane, you still must work and try to achieve whatever it is you know, hope, or pray to happen.

1 point

Listen carefully. I am not saying they aren't successful. But I suggest you do YOUR research and see that Sony was doing better than Samsung before the rise of the iPhone. Of course Samsung would be more successful than Apple since it does a broad range of industries.

2 points

First of all, it isn't even above 85% proven. I believe schools should teach things that are proven and can be quantifiably explained (an equation). I totally support the teaching of The Big Bang since it has been quantified and proven. Evolution though not fully proven also has had many controversies such as scientists fabricating evidence. Just saying, this might be a reason why. Science should be taught with MATH and scientific SYMBOLS. No matter what it is, as long as an equation fits in it its ok! My opinion of course.

4 points

Now I don't fully believe in God, but I must say I can't disprove "its" existence. First of all, I have noticed in the Quran, there are many scientific claims that have been proven many times. There is a whole book about it, but what particularly interested me is The Big Bang, Shape of the Earth, the Moons source of light, and the existence of Atoms. I find this interesting because I study Physics and just love these concepts. Evolution has always seemed like an interesting idea to me, however there really has been so much controversy around it that I decided to scrap the whole idea. I mean, lets face it, Science has corrected itself millions of times while this 1000 year old book hasn't changed a word. Im not muslim, i dont want to be, its just interesting. When I mean controversy I mean that people have staged many fossils (and it hasn't been conducted fully in a lab and hasn't been quantified). To conclude, you can't quantify God, and I only believe in things you can explain in a formula. But this is.... coincidence?

1 point

I don't know what year you're still stuck in. First of all, it is ILLEGAL to just give someone music by copying it and putting in their phone. That is why Apple have secured people music through iTunes. Still, you can transfer files via apps such as Bump. iTunes is there for securing your LEGALLY PURCHASED products. Music, apps, photos, no copying.

1 point

This goes back to my previous argument regarding Guerrilla Glass. Just because Apple seem to be doing good doesn't mean they're all about the money. In fact, let look at it this way. All Samsung does it try to make things BIGGER and FASTER. They're screens are so huge that they've now become inconvenient. You wanna talk quality, check this drop test:

Thats QUALITY right there.

1 point

Innovative? Does that explain why they've been losing so many cases against Apple? Also, explain how Steve Jobs isn't credited for using Guerrilla Glass which most Smartphones use today for their screens? Also, Sony were beating Samsung in almost every industry from phones (Sonny Erricson) to TV's before Apple.

1 point

Lets go back to early 2000s. Samsung were making not so advanced phones and the leading company in the phone market at the time was Nokia. Suddenly, Apple come out with the iPhone. Thing about the iPhone wasn't that it was touch, but that it was indeed DIFFERENT. Steve Jobs indeed proved himself a genius by using Guerrilla Glass, a glass no one thought of using for phones. Also, the iPhone was simple, and could be used by almost anyone. Thing about people today who say that Android is easier to use is mainly young people who were born with modern technology. However, if we were to ask old people from 60s, I know for a fact they would immediately reply that iOS is a much easier interface. The iPhone is indeed lacking some things an S3 would have, like screen size and what not. However, do you really need such specs? The iPhone is made perfectly for day to day activities. Screen size is perfect to type with one hand and small enough to not look like a brick is in your pocket. There is innovation in the iPhone. Its not all about SPECS but PRACTICALITY.

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