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RSS MeatDoctor

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Did you hear about the time Trump hired brazilian hookers to fart on him?

1 point

Those in power should be held to the highest standard of ethics and responsibility, and if they fail they should be kicked out of their position. The same goes for the wealthy because wealth IS power. How it works in capitalism though is that the bigger the impact you being corrupt would have on society, the more you are likely to get away with it. You can simply buy your way out of legal trouble by affording better lawyers, bribing the media, using the leverage and yesmen you have to bully people into tolerating your scumbaggery etc.

the corporate/banking elite and politicians are pretty much above the law and in a just system would be held more accountable to the people than the people are to them.

1 point

man of the people


Wait, that was a joke right?

You can't honestly think a hereditary silver spooned upper-classmen who has dedicated 8 years of his life to taking benefits from the poor and giving them to the rich is a "man of the people".

1 point

Isn't it funny how the left are supposedly all these gender confused lgbt obsessed freaks, but 90% of the time the ones talking about LGBT on debate sites are angry right wingers who were programmed to think all left wingers hold the same views?

0 points

That's right, everyone who doesn't like Trump doesn't have a job. And everyone who doesn't have a job doesn't have a job because they smoke weed. Only a sheltered little christian boy could be so accurate after never hearing out the other side and getting all their knowledge of the world from Fox News and from church.

1 point

Shut your factual mouth. Nobody likes being proven wrong.

I know.

1 point

Only stupid people would read that and think it's a "fact" just because some guy wrote it on wikipedia. Wikipedia is not an objective source. What is an objective source is the fact that Giovanni and Mussolini sucked Marx's balls 24/7 and that Hitler was a socialist.

1 point

But you are the one who thinks morality can be arrived at scientifically though because you don't believe in objective morality but think people can still be moral through reason alone.

0 points

Hitler was on "the left"

He really was on the left. How do you explain the fact that every fascist is openly Socialist and/or inspired by Karl Marx?

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Winning Position: Those who should be held to higher standards are actually held to lower ones in capitalis

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