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RSS MegaDittos

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

"I also don't see muslims/jews/hindu people forcing their religion on other people."

Yeah they stone them and crucify them now in Egypt.

Get real

1 point

Men are corrupt, not goverment. .........

1 point

Freedom of individuals to make their own choices and suffer the consequences, to spend their own money and suffer the cosequences, to eat what they want and suffer the consequences,etc,etc.

They believe that through legislation they can limit those consequences but this action takes aways one's freedoms.

1 point

Private schools do not have more money. Way more money per student in public schools with much worse results

1 point

poverty is increasing because of the war on poverty. When you pay people to sit at home and be poor, they sit at home and be poor.

2 points

Life is important because it is not man or a goverment that determines life.Man and goverment corrupts everything they touch for money and power. Life cannot be regulated so that it why it is a great thing.

2 points

You prove my point, thanks .

1 point

Medicare- A patient with their own money can and will search for the best price and doctor not be told where to go.

Social security- I can make more money investing MY money than SS will EVER pay out.

Simple as that

1 point

Yet I hope to hear for the next two weeks how great the Packers are, that will really piss the Steeler D off.

1 point

Very close I had Vikings Steelers .

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Winning Position: Yes it is
Winning Position: hate crime
Winning Position: Mega

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