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RSS MegaRhinoKin

Reward Points:8
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I would have to disagree. If the leadership is in the right hands, communism can be perfect in all ways. The reason communism is ruined is due to the natural corruptive state of the human mind.

1 point

A sandwich can be anything really. We have so many different categories and variations of the original -created by Sandwich- that we may as well broaden the definition. #freethesandwiches

1 point

Yeah of course you do. Freedom of speech! If Trump is labelling us traitors, then how else can we defeat his supporters without creating an organisation to rally behind. Trump must be stopped, and I believe that the good people of this world can stop him. Justice will prevail. The people will rise up, and we will create a better world for the children of tomorrow.

Winning Position: Is Communism good or bad?

About Me

""The proletariats have nothing to lose but their chains.""

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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