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RSS Mekrijah

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1 point

Somewhere along the line, men became chauvinist about their sex, and even used techniques to stifle women's power and equality to them, including a big one - science.

1 point

It is commonly believed that bullying is human nature, but it is these "human natures", war and corruption included, that have actually contributed to the 2012 apocolapse. God wants to destroy this world because it is engulfed in evil. Terrible choices from humans, and circumstances for them, throughout the entirety of history, have caused them as well as peers to adopt negative behavioral characteristics, bullying being one of them. God intended humans to be entirely benevolent. And he is real. But humanity can in fact reverse the effects of poor decisions and circumstances by dealing with them in a progressive, positive, way, and to make good decisions - and all of these positive measures taken can prevent the emotions that cause others to bully.

2 points

If you believe that we are giving up hard earned money to help murders live in prisons, prevent people by being murderers in the first place by helping them set the course of their life to a positive one. And for those who have already crossed the line, they need more insightful and caring detectives, that were trained to be clever with people, to bring out their heart of gold. And that alone will rehabilitate prisons. Just sentence the murderers to uncompromisingly hard, painstaking labor for rest of their lives that helps pay for prisons, for all of the pain they have caused in the process of killing their victims. Labor should be enough to discourage killing. Do you really want to undergo torturous work without any fun?

The only things murderers need is salvation and correction, not the cruel justice of doom inflicted upon them.

1 point

Every technological advancement has its risks, but refusing to utilize it will have an even greater negative impact because it will mean holding society back from solving problems, as opposed to embracing the advancement which for its risks can be prevented with other forms of technology. In the end, the entire realm of problems will be attacked by technology from all sides.

Genetic modification can each individual become immune to disease and be the most supernaturally powerful and most beautiful creature she or he can become.

Not only that, humanity will not have to rely on electronic technology because of the endless possibilities of powers and abilities, courtesy of genetic modification technology. All of life's physical resources are somehow based on organic material, and GM can rewrite or enhance the ecosystem, or even change it's basic rules (Organisms can serve as food without being hurt, killed, or even feeling pain), endlessly to humanity's convienience. Animals can get extraterestrial mass (courtesy of GM they can respirate without mass from the environment), give some to earth, they feed on rest, and there will be no famine!

1 point

Eeryone can be physically attractive in their own way, so the sexuality problem is solved. There is only the matter of personality. Regardless of how physically beautiful a person is, if their personality is ugly, the bad vibes given off is enough to cancel out their good looks, even in the sack! And wouldn't a gentle caring guy be more pleasure inducing than a jerk-off?

1 point

There is no reason violent video games should exist. The justification of gore and blood content in video games wil lead to the justification of other horrible content such as rape, bullying, and reinactments of acts of terror. Adults may not be anywhere near as influenced as children, but the bad content of the games will work their way through their minds and subtly affect their behavior and morality - "Hey, rape isn't THAT bad" - "Bullying is normal".

And however carefully these games are marketed, under-21-year-old boys will eagerly grab the games into their hot hands, and turn into the violent and evil characters from the games that were not allowed to be played by them.

And think about the few females who are offended by gore and blood.

I know guys like blood and gore, but can't they go an hour without seeing it?

2 points

No one can benifit from fast food in any way. And the hearty dinner your mother made is just as good as any fast food, you just need to realize it. Fast food chains can attempt to provide healthy options on the menu, but those attempts will only prove faulty, for there will be a secretly deadly preservative or other artificial ingredient lurking in each meal attempted. And stop analyzing the liberally though-out risks of taking out fast food culture and start analyzing ways you can effectively remove the culture, regardless of how uncool or totaltarian it may be.

0 points

We were actually closer to a dystopia than to a utopia in the previous decade, so why can't we reverse the direction?

Supporting Evidence: Come on, people. (
1 point

If the worker offers the best service she or he can, tben why the hell not?

1 point

Even though rap is revered by jerks for being all badass, the composition of the music is generally poor in melody. On the other hand, even though Lady Antebellum is a country band, they compose beautiful melodies. Anyone who likes to bash certain artists or genres because they think its crap will ultimately eat their words once they listen closely to all of the music on the records. On the other hand, if you want an album or song that ideal to you, it just will not happen, because it is just not realistic.

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Winning Position: No One Can Really Be A Leader
Tied Positions: eventual evolution vs. Made Up Concept

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