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RSS Melanin

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

It is better than absolute atheism in terms of not believing ANY god.. it's still possible, although certain gods by definition just aren't true.

2 points

No? What the hell does that do? What do you mean by attack Iran? Their people? Cause that makes YOU the dangerous one. Attack the military? Why? So that you can get a bomb dropped on ya or bring them over here to drop shit on us? I am all for somehow disabling any country's nuclear program though, they are putting people at risk.. even plants not meant for war have caused issues. If it's nuclear it should be chucked. If it's energy you can use other things that don't seep all the way across the ocean into someone elses country. If it's harm, all it does is spread torture and destruction. There are no "rights" when it comes to nuclear property as far as I'm concerned xD

1 point

Are you serious? You didn't think this one through, did you? Obesity is PHYSICAL. Being skinny without an eating disorder is not a mental disorder and it isn't considered anorexia. So why should obesity be? Overeating disorders are also highlighted, so when someone is obese because of this, there's already therapy for them.

1 point

Nope, they are for anyone and can be an enrichment to the lives of the child and the adults! :D it can also teach some responsibility if they pitch in with an animal that absolutely depends on them, lol.

1 point

Nope... it's a waste of time. I don't believe in making children or anyone else go anywhere that isn't necessary or would at least cause reasonable, logic, discomfort of other people.

1 point

Oh wow, you think that life imprisonment sucks or something? Get real. first of all, not everyone is for omgforever imprisonment. If they will offend again, certainly something has to be done, though. If you're for killing them and making families suffer even more, you're for their life imprisonment if it's so bad. Killing someone would probably a dull a LOT of people's pain, whether that person's family member was killed or if it would ease their suffering for some other reason- (let's say you irrationally blame someone for something) Is that the point to be used to justify killing you? Passing the pain onto another family? Making MORE pain? Or should we save the money we waste on DP and use it to help victims of crimes in all sorts of ways?

3 points

Does it matter what's more likely? It isn't rare at all for an innocent person to be convicted of a crime they didn't commit. You are so god damn ignorant. You just want to assume that. WAKE. UP. THE TRUTH HURTS! God, I hope you end up one of those people convicted for a rape they didn't commit. We'll see how rare being innocent is. People have been mass-committed based on race (texas government employee, they manipulated them with guilty plea bargains, he was eventually found out), people have been convicted of crimes when they hardly matched the profile, people have been convicted of crimes based on some bitch's word and a combination of emotional swaying (I dont know why that's even allowed in court. argue with FACTS. it has no place there!), people have been convicted of crimes when it was obvious to many others they didn't do it, people have been convicted of crimes they didn't do where the justice system just put them on "probation" cos they KNEW good adnd well they had no business killing them or putting them in a jail, and et cetera, et cetera.

Your argument that everyone dies can be used to kill ANYONE, you idiot. You don't know what's more fucking likely, and it's not funny, cool, or "justice" when your family member is framed and killed for something they didn't do while you were out of country and couldn't give their alibi or even hear of it! :(

1 point

Um... just because it takes years for people to die doesn't mean that innocent people aren't being killed! You sure haven't reviewed that many crime cases, have you? there are cases where people were just JAILED, and rotted until they were found to be innocent! The justice system is fucked up. Stop trying to convince yourself it's anywhere near perfect. I've seen some fucked up "pleaded guilty" cases.

1 point

You're kind of dumb, considering that the death penalty costs more. That money (MILLIONS) could be used to actually HELPING people, rather than trying to get revenge on people. Saying that imprisonment costs more is a lie, and I'm tired of people equating rape with murder. Why not bullying with murder, etc. Let's send em all to death. No one's life loses value because it took another. It isn't about "value" of life, other wise let's just kill people who don't do much with their lives. At least sticking to "it's a punishment" makes more sense. It's about rights, and the fact that many INNOCENT people are put into prison. They have let cases air on crime tv show that scare the shit out of me- how was this person put in jail? Some of the people I've seen haven't even been released yet. I can't find any statistics on how many people they've killed with the DP that were innocent, well, of course not... and it's not a deterrent either. This quote breaks my heart: Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, daughter of the slain Senator Robert Kennedy, has written:

"I was eight years old when my father was murdered. It is almost impossible to describe the pain of losing a parent to a senseless murder.…But even as a child one thing was clear to me: I didn't want the killer, in turn, to be killed. I remember lying in bed and praying, 'Please, God. Please don't take his life too.' I saw nothing that could be accomplished in the loss of one life being answered with the loss of another. And I knew, far too vividly, the anguish that would spread through another family – another set of parents, children, brothers, and sisters thrown into grief."(Foreword to Gray and Stanley, A Punishment in Search of A Crime 1989)

A life being lost or shattered is awful, but making MORE victims is NOT okay. Causing another family to lose someone isn't okay. many times people never stop caring, even when they find out that their loved one, child, etc, has done an awful crime. Their pain is worsened by the loved one's death, and the victim's family's pain is prolonged when it takes even longer for a trial to be over with.

And, yet again, it costs everyone more money and doesn't do anything productive for victims...

So, a waste of money... not a deterrent... makes more victims (family of prosecuted and person)... executes innocent people... an unfair power advantage that can be used against people (research: DP not evenly applied!)...robs people of repenting...

Yeah, the DP sounds like a great idea. Totally needed in our country.

1 point

They made her life a living hell and that's that... what more is there to say? How does it not sound like a living hell to you? even if someone was emotionally weak, no matter what you're doing, if they tried to drink a bottle of bleach, and you know it, and you continue, you are just as bad as someone who does something reasonably pain causing! They fucking ENCOURAGED her suicide! Told her she should do better next time!

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