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1 point

For the last 17,000 or so posts, I've explained it to you

To me? Okay, what did you say?

2 points

It's the American way to think.

That can mean anything. It's the American way to think to force people to buy big pharma's products, close down businesses putting them out of business and flood the market with fed cash causing massive inflation? It's the American way to send our manufacturing to other nations that hate us? It's the American way to charge kids insane amounts on tuition at liberal colleges and to censor anyone who disagrees? What?

2 points

Keep telling yourself that.. Makes me happy

It makes you happy that the poor won't be able to afford gas or food just so a particular group of rich politicians can get a win? What?

1 point

Biden said it. More than one voted for Joe Biden. More than one clapped when he said it. It's been said by many Democrats with glorious support each time. Here is a song by Usher speaking of black folks still being in chains. Millions bought the album. Millions sing the song. A song by Some Kind of Wonderful. The same. And the list goes on and on. So when I say folks, that's exactly what I mean.

1 point

Don Lemon: "I saw Jerry Sandusky hauled off in handcuffs, and I felt sorry for him."

Sandusky was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period from 1994 to 2009. He was found guilty on all counts.

2 points

Trust me, he's far dumber than he acts and looks.

1 point

They think you aren't smart enough to know that closing down businesses, then reopening them isn't the same as creating jobs. They depend on an ignorant populace for their political survival.

1 point

If you BELIEVE that Biden is a fake president, would you join an armed insurrection?

Democrats attacked the Whitehouse causing secret service to evacuate the President of the United States to a bunker. Having said that, if the Republicans wanted to have an armed insurrection, they would have done it already.

1 point

Easy one. Most Democrats hate America, are extremely self entitled and have no sense of duty or honor, nor do most believe in any objective moral standard or sacrifice of self or moral accountability, so clearly Republicans. Any career that involves the serious risk of your own life tends to strongly lean Republican.

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