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RSS MiaLove

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2 points

Looks like Trump and his minions are gonna be SWEPT away

Looks like you don't grasp how many more self inflicted wounds the left can inflict in the next 6 months.

2 points

Jesus is a symbol of whatever one wants to make of the name. There are SOO many "interpretations" of what he (allegedly) said and did ... and NO ONE REALLY knows. There are NO photos, no recordings, no actual FACTS.

How do you know the New Testament and the claims about Jesus from the time that are not Christian based, are not factual?

1 point

Should the US decriminalize all drugs?

No, bescause people on the street could create drugs that are deadly or toxic biologically in terms of how they make you behave and what they do to one's mind, and drugs would all be legal.

0 points

Also, on further examination, El Paso is liberal too, so your point is dead. And I mean super duper dead.

El Paso

Trump: 55,512

Clinton: 147,843

0 points

Lack of racial diversity isn't racism. If it were, African American areas, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa are super super racist. But thank you for your attempt.

0 points

Whereas you think hard about which lies you are going to tell, don't you?

You didn't address that the most racist city in America is almost completely left wing.

Like when you use the phrase "brownshirt tactics" in place of the considerably more common "violence" so you can draw a false comparison between an anti-fascist group and the fascists they oppose.

If ANTIFA acts violent, their wing doesn't matter. Only that they are violent. Evil has now wing. It just is.

1 point

This post is a fool's errand.

Except that every time I see a post on Facebook from a Liberal about racism, I post this logic and hop away, not for them to see, but for all of their non-hack friends who may be on the fence to see.

1 point

Liberal Mayors DO control their Police Dept.s better, on average. They are more "civil righty" ;-).

The 20 most racist cities in America are all run by Democrats and vote at minimum 80 percent Democrat.

"Is Boston the most racist city in the country?"


221,093 Clinton

38,087 Trump

1 point

MOST of the memorials coming down now are coming down for "the sins of the fathers" ... some of our country! Blaming it all on a few "African" capitalists is ridiculous! (And most of THEM were WHITE! :-)

Good. I'm for destroying every last one of them, but you'd best be ready for all of those Democrat loved statues to hit the pavement soon.

MiaLove(16) Clarified
-1 points

Strange, you, a capitalist, blame the black capitalists that sold their own people into slavery while ignoring the WHITE capitalists that BOUGHT them

Republicans blame both, which is equality. Democrats blame one, which is unequality. And you do it in a desperate attempt to beg to not be called a racist. On the other hand, the Republican needeth not for anyone to reinforce that they aren't racist.

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