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RSS MichioKaku

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MichioKaku(161) Clarified
1 point


It wouldn't be much different than current american politics.

MichioKaku(161) Clarified
1 point


I hate Russia's government too. I hate the very idea of authority or being "governed".

2 points

There once was a Cro-Magnon troglodyte man called Armokan. Armokan was considered special in his tribe because he had the skills of both a hunter and a gatherer. His adventure took place during the Ice Age in the near-east approximately 34,542 years ago. The numbers of Armokans tribe, the Aru-Nasu (striving-people) tribe where dwindling, The raw flesh eaters, or Morg'dosh-ash Haresh (Neanderthals) where hunting them, and food was scarce in the frozen mountainous land.

"Do you know why the wind blows, Armokan?" asked the one eyed shaman.


"Because the spirits in the heavens want to blow away the smell of death...we live in a rotten place, in this realm, everything here exists to die and kill, that is the circle, the eternal cycle of the material realm."

"I don't believe you."

The shaman's scarred eye socket twitched as he sprinkled herbs into a bowl-shaped cranial fragment full of blood. "What exactly don't you believe?"

"Every shaman has a different story about the nature of life or why the wind blows, none of you really know. And I don't think that we live to die, I think we die so that the circle of life can continue."

"Hmm...nothing lasts forever in this world, only the spiritual can be eternal. Don't become attached to this crude material realm Armokan, just accept fate and prepare for the afterlife."

Armokan stood up in fury, hitting his head on the roof of the shaman's hut and knocking down a hanging stone and feather talisman. He then paused awkwardly, and began his tirade. "Mammoth shit, shut your mouth. as long as I am capable of standing I will not just sit here and let my people die. I did not come here to listen to this dire-wolf cave-bear cross-breeding bestiality. I am going to the raw flesh eater's cave and I will return with many meats for what remains of our tribe."

"We don't have the men you witless whackadoo. Just face it, we are going to die...You MUST prepare for the afterlife!"

"What if there is no afterlife?" Armokan walked out as the shaman cursed him, gathered his bow, arrows, and spear, and went to speak with the few combat ready men in the tribe.

Half of them called him a mad man, half of them agreed to go with him. He had three men, Maruk, the leader of the Neanderthals, had at least 4 dozen in that one cave.

And so the 4 Troglodytes marched through the ice and snow for a day and half a night, anticipating the blood bath that would ensue. Armokans brother, Arbongo, was the darkest skinned of the group, he always stood with Armokan no matter what. Then there was Arku, he was practically shitting his pants, but he was a keen archer. And last but not least, Mawg, Mawg was a massive Cave-ape who's mother was molested by a neanderthal, thus creating Him. He carried a brobdingnagian club and talked about food the whole way to the cave.

When they arrived at their destination, Armokan lit an arrow ablaze, dropped his makeshift torch, and fired it at a bundle of sticks as Mawg and Arbongo crept around a mound of ice and snuck towards the cave mouth. As a few Neanderthals came out to investigate the blaze, one of them got hit with Arku's arrow in the face, two of them got taken at simultaneously by the club of Mawg, and the final one got Arbongos spear chucked into their bowels. The remaining 30 Neanderthals where now alerted of their presence. Arku said "We are about to be gut fucked by a hundred spears" and before anyone could think of a witty response the neanderthals where on them.

Arku fired one arrow into a neanderthals eye socket before he got hit by a flying Atl-Atl shaft and killed.

Mawg swatted away several neanderthals and got hit by four arrows to the torso and one spear to the leg, he kept fighting like an enraged roided up tazmanian donkey fucker and squashed 10 neanderthals.

Armokan and Arbongo used their bows at first, picking off a couple neanderthals each as they ducked in and out from behind rocks and log-piles. Then the leader of the neanderthals emerged and tossed a bag of toxic Necrosis inducing poison sap from the mawubidopallywa tree. It hit Arbongo in the chest and he fell of his back screaming. Armokan became extremely pissed off, he dropped his bow, unsheathed his spear, and charged into the heat of battle.

After getting stabbed and shot 6 more times and killing 5 more neanderthals, Mawg finally took a knee and leaned on his club. Armokan took out three neanderthals in an adrenaline fueled rage, Cro Magnons had developed several martial arts and the neanderthals mostly relied on brute force. Three neanderthals got behind our primitive hero, one shot him in the back, and by the time he turned to face them the other two where on him with clubs in hand he blocked a few swings but then got hit in the jaw, he fell on his side as several teeth flew from his mouth.

"Enough!" shouted the neanderthal leader. "I will deal with this striving weakling myself!" The remaining six neanderthals stood in a circle around Armokan and their leader. Armokan stood up, nearly fell back down, steadied himself.

"I want you give me strong fight" Said the neanderthal leader. He walked over to his cave-room and re-emerged with some blood in a skull-bowl and handed it to Armokan "You drink, be strong for fight"

"There is enough blood in my mouth"

Armokan slapped the neanderthal king in the face with the skull-bowl, cutting his face with the jaw ridge, then he tackled him and bit his jugular like a rabies infested demon possessed chupacabra. He ripped a chunk out of the neanderthals neck and the great troglodyte bled out like a pig and died, making sure to hit Armokan with a jaw-shattering right hook on the way out that knocked him on his back 6 feet away.

Mawg pulled two spears out of his abdomen in a sudden fit of naturally occurring pre-historic steroids and threw them into the grey matter of two neanderthals. The neanderthals where now screeching in shock and charging at Armokan. He was just regaining consciousness as the four neanderthals descended upon him. One cracked his ribs with a wild kick, one shattered his knee with a club, one stabbed down at his face with a spear (which he just barely avoided by jerking out of the way) and it sliced through his ear and shattered on the stone below, leaving behind several slate splinters in his scalp. The forth neanderthal grabbed him by the dire wolf pelt he used as a shirt and pulled him to his feet as Mawg smashed yet another neanderthal's brains out with his club. He fell to his knees once again, bleeding heavily, and was finally ended by three lethal strikes from a neanderthal head cracking device.

The neanderthal threw Armokan into the wall and Armokan toppled to the floor.The arrow in his back snapped in half and twisted painfully in his flesh.

"Why do you attack us, there is no hope to beat us. You should have accepted your place and died in peace."

"I will never let my people die, I will never quit, because we are the Striving People."

Then a sabre-tooth tiger entered the cave and killed all three of the neanderthals and ate Armokan alive.


1 point




Myself because you said not to say myself, Mathfan because he is my brother in Islam and the vice chancellor of ISIS, and Nom because you asked for my favorite and he's the opposite of my favorite.

MichioKaku(161) Clarified
2 points


I was once surrounded by a group of black kids, called over 40 names within the span of 3 minutes (half of them racist, half of them general insults) and then I had rocks thrown at me and I had to hit a few of them with a nearby trash can lid and use it as a shield to get out of there.

MichioKaku(161) Clarified
1 point


You can already edit them, I don't think you can delete them though.

PS how do you like being a second rate Nomenclature goblin?

MichioKaku(161) Clarified
1 point

When people deny God, they are saying that there is no truth or reality.

No. I just don't think Reality has it's own thoughts or created itself and everything else on purpose.

1 point

"All's fair in love and war."

You are supposed to say that when you screw someone over or deceive your enemies, not when your own government tricks you into giving up all of your privacy. "Welp, looks like I just got screwed over, but All's fair in love and war I suppose."

We are in a war with anti-democracy factions.

We are ruled by anti-democracy factions as well.

Until we defeat those factions we need to be somewhat flexible with our privacy ... or THEY will defeat U.S.!

Can you show me a single example of the efforts against terrorism being helped by the government monitoring every citizen in the U.S? Finding a terrorist in that is like finding a clean needle in a heroin stack. We don't need the government spying on everyone to defeat a few measly little sand-nigger factions.

2 points

How do you feel about the revelation that the government is collecting phone records and internet data from millions of Americans?

Like the American people are retarded for allowing this to happen.

Why do you think they are doing this?

Because they can and they found an excuse for it that the sheeple will buy.

What kind of information — like Web sites visited or phone numbers called — do you think the government should have access to in order to prevent future terrorist attacks?

None of it.

1 point

Where in the bable does it say God was "heart broken" about something that he was planning the whole time? At the end of the day GOD was the one torturing Jesus, it all transpired according to HIS design.

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