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RSS MikeSavage

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1 point

China is closer to capitalism than communism

You've defended them too. Probably because you don't have any principles and base your opinions on whater Xi Jinping tells you to say because you're his slave, whipping boy and a servant to the state that you worship.

1 point

It takes no effort on Trump's part you mook. His only move is do nothing. Pelosi has to find a way to explain not funding what she has already voted for in the past and why she's holding up paychecks to block funding for something she supported in the past. Her fumbling back and forth, flip flopping, with pictures of Americans without checks will make a beautiful political ad.

0 points

Let's just do some math.. At 70 mph, to be SAFE, you're supposed to stay about 10 car lengths behind the car in front of you. Self driving cars wouldn't have that requirement. They can safely run bumper to bumper. Therefore, 10 cars could travel safely in the same space that one car can today - hence a DRAMATIC reduction in highway congestion..

What you just described is called a train.

What you just described is not how self driving cars work.

0 points

Your own link.

*The term 'democratic socialism' is sometimes used synonymously with 'socialism', but the adjective 'democratic' is sometimes used to distinguish democratic socialists from Marxist–Leninist-inspired socialism which is viewed as being non-democratic in practice.

And you ckaim to be a Marxist.

0 points

Socialism is the government having control. There is no such thing as a Democratic version of an omnipotent entity.

1 point

You make socialism sound like Islam, as far as restraint and servitude go.

If the shoe fits.

Our Democratic Constitution protects U.S. from that, while allowing the Islamic religion within the country.(As long as they DON'T get carried away with their restraint and servitude).

Not bringing them in at all ends the problem in one easy step. Libs don't accept easy, logical solutions. They prefer creating a shitstorm and then acting outraged and demanding things be fixed after the infrastructure is damaged and the situation is unsermountable and out of control.

As long as WE, the people, control our democracy, we can pick and choose whatever we like from ANY political or economic entity.

The Democrats in power aren't picking and choosing this or that. They are preaching Communist Marxism.

If we are taken over by the RNP, forget it! You will see "restraint and servitude" like never before, in THIS country!

Trump took the reigns. We got richer, joblessness went down, the DOW is through the roof, and the Middle East just suddenly stopped being a warzone of chaos from hell.

Your boy gave us the opposite.

1 point




a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the government.

synonyms: leftism, Fabianism, syndicalism, consumer socialism, utopian socialism, welfarism; More

policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.

synonyms: leftism, Fabianism, syndicalism, consumer socialism, utopian socialism, welfarism; More

(in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.

MikeSavage(67) Clarified
1 point

Sorry. I just can't picture Bernie or AOC as "slave drivers", I CAN, however, picture the Retrumplican Nationalist Party as THAT, and worse.

Retrumplicans aren't pouring in Southern brown cheap labor for the rich to pay crumbs to. Democrats are bringing them slaves, just like they used to do. Someone has to pick the fields. The Democrat way. Call us racists if we don't allow you to smuggle in fieldhands.

Democracy, with the will of the people, can weave parts of ANY political or economic entity into a democratic government AS WE HAVE DONE FOR YEARS. We use those parts of socialism we WISH to, we can use a few more. Capitalism is great, as long as it doesn't get out of control

Socialism is the government running all of the businesses in the country. It has nothing to do with public service or healthcare.

1 point

For the sake of argument, let's say Trump DID all that..

He did do all of that you bum! Have you even been paying attention!!!???!!!???

What he ALSO did, was turn Syria over to Russia, giving them a warm water port and a military presence in the Middle East where, since 1970, they've had NONE.

Because of Trumps weakness, the Baltics are at risk.

Good lord mook. Do you know what the hell is going on?????

1 point

against guys like Putin, ISIS, MBS …. ANY of those that Trump is defending

Trump bombed the ISIS mooks into oblivion and put the heaviest sanctions ever delivered in American history on Russia. He has also attacked Russia militarily.

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