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1 point

AL!!! Welcome back!! We were worried about you buddy! Are you ok?

Mint_tea(4637) Clarified
1 point

The mainstream media publishers and broadcasters such as Fox news, Glen Beck, Newsmax....and yes I'll say it again, Fox news... are all in bed with the Republicans.

This blatant and unashamed right-wing media bias is viewed by the rest of the free world with extreme disapproval and a certain element of dread.

Try to find the middle ground news sources. Sure some will have a little leaning to either side but the level of extreme alarmist news will blessedly be smaller.

1 point

My first, gut reaction, is yes. People who can get the vaccine but don't, are idiots and deserve some form of comeuppance especially since they put other people's lives as risk.

BUT, when I ponder that more.... should the insurance company refuse treatment if someone smokes? Drinks? Lives a life that involves risk? If you're paying into insurance, should they have the final word on how you choose to live your life?

1 point

The Left agenda, which should be everyone's agenda, is to STOP people from dying from Covid, or at least reduce the number of deaths as much as possible from it.

2 points

Really? EVERY large city in America is controlled by the Left? Huh, I bet Jacksonville, FL would be surprised to hear that.

To be fair, and perhaps I wasn't to all Righties earlier. Not all of the Right is the problem. It's the backwards thinking, racial resenting, homophobic, neo-Nazi, white nationalist, funeral picketing, bigoted, sexist, and fanatical religious zealots...who are the problem. And most of those come directly from the Right.

1 point

After OVER a year, do you still not realize what masks are supposed to help against? I'll give you a hint, it's in the second article.

"Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection.

"The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you."

This is something that most of the world outside America has known for a good long while now. The masks, are to protect other's FROM you, not just you from others. With Covid, you can be a carrier for about two days before you start showing any symptoms. At that time you can infect others who may not be able to have the vaccine for health reasons, that will cause the infection to spread, again.

The mask provides SOME protection for you, (and as most people with at least one functioning brain cell know...some is better than none) but mostly it's to protect others around you. You know, Gods children. But if you hem and haw over doing something so minor to protect His children that'll be between you and Him.

Also, again, after a year of this you should know by now, ONE of the main problems regarding Covid was how INNONDATED the hospitals where. Sometimes it wasn't about stopping it, but slowing it down so people could be helped. Stopping it would be great but since it was so prolific and easy to spread (and at the time, still being studied....that's what science is), hospitals where packed and people had to be shuffled to medical facilities further away, causing THOSE facilities to reach overflow capacity. There weren't enough rooms, beds, even workers to help the needy.

But again, you being Christian and all and not wanting to protect His children....that'll be between you and Him. So yeah, good luck.

2 points

Ahhhh everything you just said explains why you went to such an alarmist method.

I didn't realize God wanted walls and borders, wanted women excluded from any form of power equal to or greater than men, and didn't want His children to treat each other with respect. You use Gods word to condemn, deny, and subjugate those you personally don't consider His children. No wonder people are turning to Atheism.

Carry on.

2 points

CLEARLY, you did not read what I wrote.

No, it literally isn't. Without context, they are just two pictures.

What time was each picture taken? What was the weather? What month was each picture taken? What was the weather before and after each picture was taken?

I can take a picture of the river behind my house at two completely different times in a decade and claim it's never flooded or changed.....and it would be an absolute lie.

Don't rely on meme's to get your information, "you should do the same research for yourself. You won't, but you should."

1 point

Amazing how a group of LGBT students criticizing a woman who proclaims to be champion for equity and a defender of minorities, and isn't actually a champion for all minorities,...suddenly becomes OMG LEFTISTS ATTACK DEMOCRATIC MUSLIM FOR BEING ANTI-LGBT.

While your "proof" would certainly be concerning if true, unfortunately it falls under the bull-crap category for alarmist news.

They aren't demanding her head, just requesting a formal apology.

2 points

Phew, where to unpack this.

I saw that meme of Sydney Harbour, which is most likely the one you are referring to where the water is the same level. First.

TLDR: Tides rise and fall, that's not a surprise. Two pictures, taken at different times with NO additional information is not evidence, so taking a picture at different times may indeed show the same water level. Example: if I take a picture of a full cup of water, drink half the water, then refill it to the same level, I can't use that as evidence that I didn't drink from the cup. All you get is two pictures of a cup full of water and nothing else.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of before and after pictures, which include information and scientific study, that show climate change in action. There are reputable sites (at least more reputable then FOX or a dumbass congressman with a snowball, or any other meme you can find) that have published studies and statements on climate change from 18 scientific associations who concur that it's real:

Look, right or wrong, the people who are deniers won't believe it no matter how many experts come forth, they'll always cling to the one or two people who profess to be experts that'll tell them they don't have to change and say anything they want to hear. Whether it be out of fear or ignorance. My thought is, we know we are having an impact on this planet, anyone who doesn't think that is seriously, incredibly, unquestioningly, stupid. How much of one, is the debate. That doesn't mean we should stop trying to find better, cleaner alternatives for energy and better ways to live where we don't have such a negative impact on the only planet we live on.

Pro-left or pro-right, it's pretty fucking stupid to politicize a real humanitarian crisis, such as climate change and an epidemic.

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