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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Why would you feel conflicted on this? What should be more important to Republicans, pissing off Lefties or choosing a candidate that fits what they feel would best serve Americans? This isn't a hard choice, unless of course being petty and bringing in another clown is more important than improving and fixing America.

1 point

If we followed your logic, leftists hate the religious and righties hate the non-religious and science.

1 point

Hardly. I don't hate religion, I dislike people who use religion as an excuse to do terrible things to other people. Religion is a tool, the user is the one that deserves the censure.

Lefties don't hate religion, they hate the religious who act in ways that are disingenuous to the beliefs they themselves preach about their God.

1 point

In Florida, the city with the largest population is Jacksonville with roughly 890,500 people living in 840 sq miles. In comparison, New York City has roughly 8.4 MILLION living in 302 sq miles. The number of deaths in NYC alone is 32,626 and the number of deaths in ALL of Florida is 35,267. So yeah, you're comparison doesn't really work to your favor.

1 point

Everyone is good for a laugh then. ;D

1 point

I don't know, I guess I'm olive-ist. I prefer green olives any day over those nasty mushy black ones.

1 point

I doubt I could name 5 from either party, why limit me to just Dems? Jimmy Carter, Roosevelt (Franklin and Teddy), are some I can think of off the top of my head where the positives out weigh the negatives. As I said before, it's a needle in a haystack.

2 points

There are quite a few caveats to this.

Am I in the car at the time? Are my kids in the car with me? Do I fear for my life? Are they just trying to attack the car or do I believe my life will be next after they are done with the car?

Also, I don't give a crap if they are left or right wing. If someone is attacking my car and I know they won't stop there and my children are with me, I'm running them over to get away if I have to. I'm less inclined to care about the lives of someone who is putting my children in danger, then if it were just me in danger. If the mob is just going after the car and no one is in it, then I don't care about the car.

1 point

Nope. I want a politician who works for the people and spends less time trying to keep their seat, and a President who realizes the first job is to try to unite and fix our country. Someone with morals, honor, and integrity. Needle in a haystack, I know.

3 points

As much as I disliked Trump as a person, if he'd handled the pandemic better I wouldn't have been so against him for a second term. Too much golfing? ok whatever. But his absolute shit show of action in trying to nip Covid in the bud, his constant down play of the virus, and his further lack of action when running for President again, shot him in his bone spurred foot. His main and only concern was saving his ass and it showed when people voted for Biden. Trump spent ALL his energy fighting the loss and none of it went to fighting FOR Americans and our health. He had the ability to be something great, instead he mocked, bitched, and whined his way to a pathetic end.

So yeah, I completely agree. Biden won because he wasn't Trump.

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Winning Position: This is wrong
Tied Positions: Smaller pooch vs. Bigger pooch
Winning Position: Wear the damn masks
Tied Positions: Why is this even a thing? vs. Heck yeah I'd support them
Winning Position: Do you know what two consenting adults of sound mind, means?
Winning Position: No way in hell.
Winning Position: Yes, it should be.
Winning Position: 50% works.
Winning Position: She sang the lyrics.

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