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RSS Miocene

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Continue Making America Great Again, by;-

Overcoming the Dems hurdles and finishing the border defensive wall.

( By definition all ''ILLEGAL'' immigrants are criminals.)

Expunging the nation of as many illegal criminals as possible.

Resume with his programme of establishing a level playing field* with America's trading partners, especially China but also Europe.

Deal subtly and slowly, but effectively with the subversive activities of the Only Black Lives Matter terrorist group and the violent left-wing anarchist filth.

Dislodge those pockets of self-appointed so called autonomous zones which exist in a few of our mainly Democrat/progressive/liberal run cities and re-establish the legal forces of law and order.

Carry on with his successful programme of encouraging American Corporations to return to the U.S, and attract further international investment.

UNDER THE PRUDENT GUIDANCE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP the United States created 4.8 million new jobs during the month of June 2020.


Persevere with trying to have those intellectually challenged sections of Americans, both left and right, but mainly left to adhere to the anti-covid-19 measures including mass demonstrations, riots and black looting.

1 point

Globally covid-19 is being reasonably well contained but its major ally is the eye-watering stupidity of people who gather en-mass and infect each other.

Only Black Lives Matter riots along with the loony left anarchist's violent demonstrations account for the disease continuing to spread in the United States.

But hey, it's all President Trump's fault, right?

Other nations which have the disease more under control don't have the left-wing filth and Bongo riots to deal with to anywhere near the same extent as the United States.

If a vaccine for this Kung-flu is discovered, don't despair, China has announced that it has just spawned another potentially pandemic disease, namely Pig Flu with the ability to be transmitted to humans and then from humans to humans.

Another one of China's great exports to be added to the list.

Hong-Kong flu,




and now, Chinese Pig Flu.

Who says the Chinese have to copy the west's inventions and also adopt their manufacturing and marketing techniques but lack originality and innovation?

Here we have Chinese world beating creative ingenuity.

But hey, the left-wing filth know its all President Trump's doing.


1 point

The title of what is in effect a political statement is one word shy, namely, Only.

The full logo should read Only Black Lives Matter.

In time, probably a short time, the term will be expanded to;- Only Black Lives Matter you white bastards.

If The Bongo really believe their pitiful slogan then why don't they stop killing each other on an industrial scale.

Maybe cops do kill more blacks proportionately than whites but that is due to the Bongo's significantly higher level of violent crime and them savagely resisting arrest.

1 point

If you think that anyone gives a tinker's damn whether you ban them or not you're an even bigger lunatic than nom.

Anyone who follows the narrative of the discredited conspiracy theory about 9/11 really needs to be locked up in the maximum security unit of a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

1 point

Good point, take abbreviation for instance.


1 point

Unfortunately the manner in which Trump has implemented a lot his policies has divided the nation like never before.

In the back-stabbing world of politics radical changes must be introduced gradually, in baby steps, so they're less noticeable, and diplomatically, so they're more acceptable to a greater number of people.

Whilst Trumps pro-American policies are exactly what the U.S., needs he has failed at selling his America first product to a sufficiently wide section of the electorate.

Also, rightly or wrongly, the Democrat left-wing filth executed a brilliant character assassination onslaught through a programme of false accusations, innuendo all done with the help of communist media.

On top of this the Chinese disease (kung-flu) has left him open for criticism from the loony leftist anarchists who will distort the truth in order to see their own Marxist/Leninist agenda imposed on the American people.

Well, that's show business for you. One minute you're on the crest of a wave and then fate makes its move and you're on skid row..

2 points

Most of the weak minded sheepeople need a God either man-made supernatural myths or else living or deceased mortals.

Christians pray to the sky, Jews pray to walls, Muslims pray to the ground and atheists worship numerous figures from Lenin to Hillary Clinton.

Those countries which have clung to the mumbo-jumbo of religion are nearly always, not always, but nearly always the backward nations of the world.

People who take responsibility for their own lives and realise that they are on their own in this big bad, disease ridden world are the ones who usually prosper.

Praying to your God to spare you from the horrors of contracting covid-19 in a place of worship with a a large congregation will, in reality increase your chances of becoming infected.

This is one of those rare occasions when CNN got it right.

You got to give credit where credit is due.

1 point

Trump's not a quitter but the people are currently somewhat dissatisfied at his softly-softly approach with the left-wing insurgent filth and the Only Black Lives Matter terrorist organisation.

Trump is keeping his powder dry for the moment but when the time is right he will let fly with both barrels at the anarchist left-wing filth as well as the OBLM and we'll see a resurgence of his popularity followed by his inevitable re-election.

1 point

Don't incur any debt if you're not certain you can pay it back.

If you feel you have missed, or are likely to miss the boat educationally then consider starting your own business.

While education will be an advantage on such a venture it is well behind the character attributes of, ambition, ability, stayability, work ethic and business acumen.

Too many people think once they have attained a degree all they have to do is present themselves to the job market and they'll be grabbed by employers lusting after their academic brilliance.

Such well qualified fools get an enormous surprise when they realise what it really takes to secure ''gainful employment''.

1 point

All carrots matter, but according to the filth black carrots matter more than all others.

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Tied Positions: No, they would enjoy it. vs. Yes, pigs in pig-shit.
Winning Position: Violence can't help any cause.
Winning Position: No,sign of subjugation.
Winning Position: Maybe it's one.
Tied Positions: Such a move could backfire. vs. Less destruction/disruption.
Winning Position: He used phsyical force first.

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