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RSS MirandaD

Reward Points:12
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2 points

homosexuals are capable of reproducing,

they just choose not to.

are you saying that if somebody is sterile, that makes them not human?

and who are you to say who a human is, anyways?

1 point

how abouttttttt, you just let me have my own opinion on the rights i think people should have, and just my own opinion in general,

anddddd, i won't assume you're just a heartless jerk. :)

i can argue my opinion if i want,

and so can you,

but honestly, grow up and stop thinking everybody on this site is an idiot, because of what they believe.

just, stop, kay?

and yeah, you're more than able to say what you think,

but just think about if you were any of the things that you discriminate people against,

and imagine that somebody was being a complete and total ass to you.

i'm sure the world would be a better place if people like you had to spend a day in the life of the people they messed with.

2 points

people don't try to understand things if they're dead, for one.

and why try to start arguments over the internet??

i mean, really, is your life THAT pathetic? :)

1 point

children are innocent until they can think for themselves,

therefore, not born a criminal.

1 point

technically this isn't a solid argument.

some blacks get accused, regardless of whether they do it or not.

i mean.. there are many black people in prison who don't belong there because of people falsely accusing them.

and there will always be a racist ass who will testify against them in the case to get them charged.

1 point

has there every ACTUALLY been racial harmony?

I've never heard of a time when races were harmonious.

there's always at least ONE person, or ONE race, who dislikes another race.

though I'm not racist in any way,

asking this in this imperfect, crime ridden, pathetic world, is simply to much to ask.

1 point

well, infants can't even lift their own heads up, much less kill somebody.

an infant is a child under a year old.

maybe a toddler, who is under five years old, could.

but after five i'm sure you understand that you shouldn't kill, unless you have some sort of mental illness.

so technically you couldn't be born a criminal.

you could be born to grow up a criminal, but not born a criminal.

1 point

you can become a criminal by what you learn, and grow up in.

just like, if you grow up in an abusive environment, you'd be more likely to abuse others, it is more likely that if they grow up learning crime, and abuse, and in a broken home with alcoholism and drugs, they'll grow up to live in a similar environment, but that isn't always the case.

not all people who are criminals are made that way,

they can just grow up to be a criminal.

i don't think a child is a criminal when they're born, because infants can't think for themselves.

even if they have a good home life, it doesn't mean they'll end up a law abiding citizen.

1 point

well, i would have to say, yes, it is possible to have morals without religion.

morals aren't only based on religion.

morals are a system of ethics and conduct based on what the individual sees as right and wrong.

being an individual who has a rule system set by yourself based on what you think is right/wrong would make you a person with morals.

there are religious morals,

cultural morals,

and individual morals.

when you write a story, and there is a moral, the moral is the way the reader infers it as right/wrong,

not about what the religious aspect of the story was.

i know several moral people who don't claim a religion, and some who don't even believe in God, or a superior being.

1 point

well, i'd have to say i disagree with this statement.

not all people who get high for recreational uses are "apathetic airheads" as you put it.

i smoke, and i, for one, am not apathetic in any way.

i have a VERY strong opinion about pretty much everything.

i show alot of emotion.

and i am intrested in hearing what most people have to say.

nor am i an airhead.

i make straight A's, and am a very intellegant individual, when i need to be.

that's not to say i don't have fun, obviously,

but being my argument is one of an experienced smoker,

i'd have to say this isn't a very strong, or researched, opinion.

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About Me

"people sometimes question my being human. but i can assure you i am. i'm honest always. whether it's necessary or not. my opinion will usually come out either way. i'm wierd. i have friends. and i love being creative. mhm."

Biographical Information
Name: Manehhh! 
Gender: Lady
Age: 25
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School

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