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Technology and its prevalence, while providing us, as people, with convenience, also brings with it a slew of issues, one of the most prominent of which is information security, or rather a lack thereof. As a result of the rise in popularity of online functions such as internet banking or other sensitive activities, netizens are more vulnerable to new forms of crime, such as identity theft. With the increasing dependence of people on technology, a new type of criminal has arisen, that of the hacker. The hacker is smart, and skilled to say the least, and has the ability to steal virtually anything stored online from the comfort of his own home, be it money, credit or a person's identity. Technology has become a crutch on which people rely, and it is because of this dependence that the hacker's job becomes easier. And while authorities may be trying their earnest best to police online activities, the continued existence of organisations like Anonymous demonstrates how ineffectual any sort of regulation really is. Technology has helped to create the new wild west, and people are lining up to put themselves at risk, all for convenience.

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